Flexible Shipping – How to add a new shipping method handled by Flexible Shipping?

Adding the Flexible Shipping shipping method

The Flexible Shipping shipping methods use the same mechanics as the WooCommerce default ones and can be easily added the same way.

In order to create a new Flexible Shipping method simply go to WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping:

Click the shipping zone name you want to add the Flexible Shipping method within.

If you want to learn more on this matter check our detailed guide on WooCommerce Shipping Zones →

Once you are in, hit the Add shipping method button at the bottom of the Shipping methods table:

In the popup window which should appear select the Flexible Shipping from the dropdown list and confirm your choice with Add shipping method button once again:

Right after it is added click its name or the Edit quick link below:

to reach the Flexible Shipping method’s configuration screen.

Please mind that you can also use the Duplicate quick link visible here to easily make a copy of an already existing shipping method.

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