Flexible Shipping PRO – Multiple shipping sizes WooCommerce

Let’s assume that you sell large but lightweight products, i.e. baby car seats. You can fit a few of them in one package and there is still enough room to fit some smaller items into the package, i.e. car air refresheners.

You can fit 6 pieces of baby car seats in one package and 2000 pieces of car air refresheners. Flexible Shipping Table Rate PRO lets you configure the shipping method in a way that allows your customer to pay only for shipping the seats when buying both the seats and car air refresheners.

Plugin configuration

Steps that will make it work:

  1. Add a new method and set calculating method as Sum.
  2. Add a rule based on Shipping class and set:
    • Shipping class: Baby car seats
    • Additional cost: 15
    • Value: 6
    • Special actions: Stop
  3. Add another rule based on Item and Shipping class. Then set:
    • Min: 1
    • Max: 2000
    • Cost per order: 15
    • Shipping class: Car air refresheners


When your client orders some car air refresheners and baby car seats, shipping cost will be calculated only for seats. Depending of seat quantity, shipping cost will be:

  • from 1 to 6 pieces: $15
  • from 7 to 12 pieces: $30
  • from 13 to 18 pieces: $45
  • etc…

Wondering how it will work live?

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