Flexible Shipping PRO – Multiple shipping sizes WooCommerce

Let’s assume that you sell large but lightweight products, i.e. baby car seats. You can fit a few of them in one package and there is still enough room to fit some smaller items into the package, i.e. car air refresheners.

You can fit 6 pieces of baby car seats in one package and 2000 pieces of car air refresheners. Flexible Shipping Table Rate PRO lets you configure the shipping method in a way that allows your customer to pay only for shipping the seats when buying both the seats and car air refresheners.

Plugin configuration #

Steps that will make it work:

  1. Add a new method and set calculating method as Sum.
  2. Add a rule based on Shipping class and set:
    • Shipping class: Baby car seats
    • Additional cost: 15
    • Value: 6
    • Special actions: Stop
  3. Add another rule based on Item and Shipping class. Then set:
    • Min: 1
    • Max: 2000
    • Cost per order: 15
    • Shipping class: Car air refresheners

Results #

When your client orders some car air refresheners and baby car seats, shipping cost will be calculated only for seats. Depending of seat quantity, shipping cost will be:

  • from 1 to 6 pieces: $15
  • from 7 to 12 pieces: $30
  • from 13 to 18 pieces: $45
  • etc…

Wondering how it will work live? #

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