Pickup Points PRO – Plugin requirements

Since the 1.6.1 version of the plugin, DPD UK Pickup Points was changed into Pickup Points PRO.

The Pickup Points PRO is a stand-alone plugin allowing to display the DPD UK, DHL and UPS Pickup Points to your customers at the checkout and choose the preferred one, which they want to collect their ordered products from.

It works independently – it means that the plugin does not require you to create a DPD UK, DHL, UPS user account, nor enter the login credentials. It covers it all with its in-built functionalities.

The only condition which needs to be met for its proper functioning is an active plugin subscription. Pickup Points PRO plugin requires it in order to maintain a constant connection with the map service API.

If the plugin subscription expires or if your plugin’s API key obtained after the purchase has not been activated, it will result in not displaying the pickup point selection widget at the shop’s checkout.

Before it happens, you will see the dedicated notification in the admin area with an information on the time left and the date when the plugin functionalities will be disabled as well as the further instructions.

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