How to activate the Octolize plugin’s subscription API key?

From 23.09.2021, we are gradually introducing a new way to register the API key in our plugins.

API Key activation

An active subscription allows activating the purchased plugins using the API keys. After the purchase is made, we generate the API keys for each of the plugin from the placed order. The API keys need to be entered to fully activate the plugins after being installed, as well as to enable their automatic updates directly from the WordPress Dashboard. Below, we will guide you through the whole activation process step by step. 

  1. Go to and choose the My Account from the top menu.
  1. Log in using the credentials set while placing an order.
  1. Download the plugins’ zip files you want to install from the My Account ⇾ Downloads tab:
  1. Copy the plugins’ API keys from the My Account ⇾ API Keys tab – you will need to use them soon. You can also use Master API Key, that can be used to activate any plugin.
  2. Install the plugins via WordPress panel Plugins ⇾ Add New ⇾ Upload Plugin option or upload them to /wp-content/plugins/ directory through FTP. After installation enable the ones you want to use from the installed plugins list (WooCommerce ⇾ Plugins ⇾ Installed Plugins ⇾ [Name of the plugin] ⇾ Activate). 
  3. You will get the following notice or notices at the top of the screen asking to enter the API keys to fully activate the plugins. 

New way for plugins updated after 23 September 2021

7. Go to the plugin, that you want to activate on your plugin list and paste the plugin’s API Key or Master API Key in the Key field:  

Old way for plugins not yet updated after 23 September 2021

  1. Hit the Click here link from the notice or go directly to the subscription management screen using the sidebar’s WP Desk ⇾ Subscriptions menu which appeared after the installation.
  2. You will be redirected to the following screen:
  1. Paste the API key you’ve copied before in the Key field here and e-mail address you used during the purchase in the field below. Confirm the whole process by hitting the Activatebutton.

You should get the notice about the plugin being successfully activated. It will be fully functional from now on and you will be able to update it directly from WordPress Dashboard when its new versions will be available . 

Note: Subscriptions and the plugins’ API keys must be activated on a unique domains. 

API Key transferring

An active subscription allows you to transfer the plugins with their API keys between the sites or domains. This option might be really useful e.g. while working with test/dev and production environments. 

To transfer the plugin’s API Key log in to My Account, go to API Keys tab and deactivate the API key of the plugin you want to transfer on the old site by hitting the Delete button: 

Then just enter the same API key on the new site at WP Desk ⇾ Subscriptions and activate it here the same way described above. Once it’s done the plugin will be fully functional and ready to use in the new environment. 

WordPress Multisite

If you’re managing the multisite please make sure you are not activating the plugins in the network. All of our plugins as well as WooCommerce need to be activated on each sub-site manually. Please also mind that in such case every sub-site within the multisite network will require the separate plugin API key to be activated, so you will need to own the multisite 5- or 25-sites subscription. 

Master API Key

To activate our plugins you can also use Master API Key, that can be used to activate any plugin. This is most useful when you have multiple plugins on one site. In this situation, you only need one key to activate all of them.  

WP Desk Helper not required anymore

Some of our long-time customers might remember that we’ve used the WP Desk Helper plugin previously to manage our other plugins’ subscriptions. All the plugins’ versions released after the 15th of November, 2019 have the subscription management feature already in-built and don’t require installing the WP Desk helper anymore. 

Subscription and API key activation problems

Our server requires OpenSSL 1.0 or higher to establish the connection properly. If the server you are currently using where your WooCommerce shop is installed on uses the outdated cURL version you might encounter the difficulties with setting up the connection required to verify the entered data during the plugins’ activation. In such case you will be notified about it by the following notice: Connection failed to the API server. Try again later.

Go to WooCommerce ⇾ System status to find out which cURL version exactly is installed on your server. Find the proper line with cURL version like this below:
cURL Version: 7.21.0, OpenSSL/0.9.8o or cURL Version: 7.19.7, NSS/3.21 Basic ECC
and check if it meets the requirements. If not, please contact your hosting provider and ask them to update cURL on your server. 

If the cURL version installed on your server is up to date and you are still encountering the problems with activating the API key it might be caused by some security plugins or the server settings interfering with establishing the connection, such as firewall. Please turn the security plugins off temporarily and check if it helped. If not, contact your hosting provider to remove the domain connection block or add it to the firewall’s exceptions.

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