Boost your sales
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shipping solutions

Picking the right shipping options is the deciding factor in whether a customer completes a purchase in e-commerce. That’s why we’re focused on providing you with solutions that fit your needs, making sure shipping doesn’t hurt your sales.

Optimize your shipping process.
Boost your eCommerce growth.

Being able to shape the shopping experience by adjusting the shipping options to the clients’ actual needs is a tool to generate tangible benefits for your business. We create and develop software that adds extra features to widely used platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify. With our products, you can:

Reduce cart abandonment

65% of abandoned carts come from misunderstandings on available shipping methods or their cost. Reduce cart abandonment rates by providing the shipping methods with transparent and clear shipping cost to your customers.

Save money

Every sixth store owner has to cover extra shipping costs because the correct prices were not displayed to the customers. Avoid additional expenses by accurately calculating shipping costs.

Automate manual work

Each automated shipment saves 5 minutes of your work. Stop wasting your energy on calculating and configuring the shipping rates. Let it all be handled automatically.

Empowering your customer experience
with our solutions

Shipping options play a crucial role in shaping your shop’s customer experience. We come into play at a pivotal moment in the purchase process, and we help you to attract customers with a range of shipping options tailored to their preferences.

Customer picks products...
Shop owner's task:
Add products to shop's offer
...chooses suitable shipping method...
Shop owner's task:
Configure shipping options using Octolize WooCommerce plugins
...pays for order...
Shop owner's task:
Integrate shop with payment gateway
4 finally have goods delivered.
Shop owner's task:
Process order fulfillment

Use our integrations to connect your WooCommerce with carrier companies

Avoid the cart abandonment risk resulting from the unexpected shipping-related stumbling blocks.

Choose the accurate real-time & automatically calculated shipping rates or define the whole pricing manually from scratch.

Let your customers see the available shipping methods, automate the backend order processing and generate shipping labels directly from your store.

Each product includes:

  • 1 year plugin subscription
  • 1 year of all available product updates
  • Premium 1-on-1 Support

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Every day, our solutions empower shipping
in over 250,000 WooCommerce stores

With our in-depth knowledge of WooCommerce shipping, we put all our experience into our plugins. Discover what our customers have to say about the solutions we deliver:

Just right!

I put up a WooCommerce site for a small mom and pop caramel shop. They had specific requests for shipping costs, and on a forum everyone told me to buy an expensive plug in, that it was the only way to achieve what I wanted. I ran across this plugin and right away had the solution I needed. This small shop was just getting started and could not afford a big, expensive add-on. This works perfectly every time! Thank you!!!

Fantastic Shipping Plugin with Great Support

This shipping plugin allows very complex rules for shipping. Worked perfectly for my case. The plugin is free and the support is amazing. The compatibility with other leading WooCommerce plugins is also fantastic. Highly recommend.

awesome plugin for managing shipment options

I’ve been using this plugin for a few weeks now, and I absolutely enjoy it! I found it as part of my search for something that will enable me to manage the delivery and shipment options beyond the standard ones. Flexible Shipping has reached this goal and far beyond that! It solves so many little problems and limitations that the default system has, and is very simple to manage.

Great plugin – solved a problem and increased sales

Great plugin – easy to install and has meant I can sell by weight so that each addition to the cart doesn’t necessarily increase the postage until certain thresholds are met. We had lost sales by people seeing the postage add up with each item – now they can shop with confidence that we can bundle items to save postage. Highly recommended!

So glad to have found this plugin

Flexible Shipping has been the answer to my shipping woes. Before I had the plugin, I was dealing with incorrect pricing on plugins such as USPS and Woo shipping… like way off and not to my favor. Now, I have much more control. Given my “knows enough to be dangerous” tech knowledge, it’s been surprisingly easy for me with their documentation. I love it, thank you Flexible Shipping!

Very usefull plugin and amazing support team

I was using the shipping calculator on the cart page and was looking to display it also on my product page. The support listen to my request. In a matter of weeks, they developped this new plugin that 100% fit my needs. They care and listen to their customers. I highly recommend this plugin and the Octolize team.

The Best Plugin And The Best Support

I can not express myself with my limited words. This plugin solved a very big problem I was facing. I purchased a few wrong plugins and then found this free plugin which fixed the issue. The support is also really good. I mean it. The support guy added a new functionality just for me according to my requirements. I thank him in my heart every day. This plugin is the best plugin that has outstanding support too.

Easiest shipping plugin available

I was looking for automatic integration plugins to set up, which took me weeks but no luck. I gave up this idea and decide to go with the simplest solution. A table of shipping prices based on location and weight. Flexible Shipping made it so simple that I had it all ready in less than 1 day. Really recommend if you want to start selling instead of fighting to find the best automated solution per carrier.

Nice plugin

This Plugin gives me freedom to input shipping charges without breaking my head for formulas to calculate each category shipping charges. Thanks for your free version for beginners.

Great Plugin

I love this plugin. I’m currently using the free version as it does all I need. I would have no issues in recommending this plugin to anyone that wants to manage their shipping function.

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