Octolize Hide & Sort Shipping – Adding a new ‘Condition-Action’ Shipping rule

If you haven’t configured any Delivery Customizations with Octolize Hide & Sort Shipping app yet, start the whole process by hitting the Configure your first shipping rule button on the Shipping rules welcome screen:

Octolize Hide & Sort Shipping Shopify app - Adding the first delivery customization
‘Configure your first shipping rule’ button

If, in turn, you did and already have some previously configured existing shipping rules (delivery customizations), use the Add new button at the top of the screen instead:

Octolize Hide & Sort Shipping Shopify app - Adding new delivery customization shipping rule
‘Add new’ shipping rule button

Once one of the aforementioned buttons is used, you will be automatically redirected to the Shipping rule configuration screen, where you can proceed with further Shipping rule configuration →

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