Flexible Shipping – Free vs PRO – Features comparison

The following comparison will help you decide if you need Flexible Shipping PRO to fulfil your shipping scenario.

If you have any doubts, you can always try the free version first. You’ll be able to upgrade it to PRO any time, just when you need it.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Unlimited shipping methods and rules per shipping zone
Easy shipping method duplication
Cost per order
Shipping cost based on price
Shipping cost based on weight
Shipping classes support
Shipping cost based on item quantity
Shipping cost based on cart line item
Shipping cost based on specific products
Shipping cost based on product tags
Shipping cost based on product categories
Shipping cost based on volume
Shipping cost based on dimensional weight
Shipping cost based on max dimension
Shipping cost based on total overall dimensions
Shipping cost based on product’s length
Shipping cost based on product’s width
Shipping cost based on product’s height
Shipping cost based on user role
Shipping cost based on time of the day
Shipping cost based on day of the week
Additional fixed or percentage cost based on priceweightdimensional weightitem quantitycart line itemvolume
Conditional logic for shipping cost calculation rules
Excluding virtual products from the shipping cost calculation
Calculation method: Sum
Calculation method: Lowest cost
Calculation method: Highest cost
Maximum cost per shipping method
Stopping the rules calculation (if the condition is matched the following rules are not calculated)
Hiding the shipping methods (if the condition is matched the shipping method will be hidden in the cart & checkout)
Free shipping threshold
Amount left to free shipping notice
Free shipping coupons support
Predefined and ready-to-use shipping scenarios
Displaying selected shipping methods only for logged in users
Shipping method selected by default in the cart & checkout
Debug mode for troubleshooting
Shipping zones’ configuration conflicts notifications
WPML and Polylang support
Currency switchers support
Premium 1-on-1 support
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