Octolize Distance Based Rates – FAQ and troubleshooting

How does the Octolize Distance Based Rates app work?

The Octolize Distance Based Rates app uses the established connection with the Google Maps API to accurately calculate the delivery cost based on the distance. Once the customer enters the shipping destination at the checkout, the app calculates the distance between the brick-and-mortar store’s location and the provided ‘Ship to’ address and then applies the rate per kilometer or mile according to the configured delivery cost calculation method.

The app doesn’t show any shipping methods nor calculates the distance. What’s wrong?

Our app uses the Google Maps API. In some specific cases, the Google Maps API might not be able to calculate the distance, especially, when there are no direct car routes between the location you ship your products from and the ‘Ship to’ address the customer entered at the checkout. It may occur, e.g., when your store/warehouse is located in the United States and the customer enters the shipping destination in Europe, or vice versa. In other words, the Driving route must be geographically possible to be used for the distance calculation and for the shipping method to be displayed at the checkout. If it’s not and if the Distance calculation method is set to Driving route in the app settings, the shipping method with its distance-based cost will not be visible at the checkout. In such situations, the solution may be to change the Distance calculation method to Straight line.

What is the difference between ‘Straight line’ and ‘Driving route’ distance calculation method?

The Straight line, as the name suggests, calculates the direct distance between two points (shop or warehouse location and delivery address) in a straight line, without the actual path’s specifics or any existing obstacles being considered on the way. The Driving route in turn, is the actual distance that needs to be traveled to go from one point to another using the roads or routes available on a map. It considers the roads, turns, traffic and any obstacles along the way, which makes it longer than the Straight line distance, however, much more accurate and commonly used for navigation and real distance calculations.

Can I set a fixed delivery cost and an additional rate per km/mi for specific locations?

Sure, with Octolize Distance Based Rates app on you can configure such scenario with ease. While on the Location’s configuration screen, simply select the Delivery cost calculation method: Base delivery cost + Additional rate per distance unit option, fill in the price fields below and that’s it. Setting it up this way you can increase the distance-based delivery cost by an additional flat rate fee.

Do I need my own Google Maps API key to use the app?

Yes, entering your own Google Maps API key is required to establish the connection with Google Maps API and ensure the app’s proper functioning.

What if I have multiple locations/warehouses I ship from?

Our Octolize Distance Based Rates app runs smoothly with multiple locations as well. It automatically detects the locations previously configured in the Shopify settings (Settings → Locations) and allows you to configure a distance-based shipping rates for each of them individually. However, the only thing we highly advise when shipping from multiple locations is to use the same Shipping method name for all of them to ensure the shipping cost being summed up properly.

I have an idea on how to improve the Octolize Distance Based Rates app

That’s great! We really appreciate every improvement suggestion, especially when it comes from the app users and we’d love to hear your feedback. Please drop us a line at [email protected] or reach out to us using the contact form on the Support page.

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