Flexible Shipping PRO – Extra cost for every item

Case study

Let’s assume you sell the glass figures. The shipping cost for the ordered products are calculated based on price by default, however, due to their fragile nature each one ordered figure requires a special packaging to prevent it from being damaged and to ensure it will be delivered safely. The additional cost of such packaging is $5 and needs to added to every single item.

How to configure such a scenario where the shipping cost is calculated based on price and the customer is charged an additional $5 fee per each ordered product?

Plugin configuration

  1. Add the shipping cost calculation rules based on Price and define their ranges and pricing. For the purposes of these guide we will create 3 new price-based rules. Set them the way described below:

If you already have your own rules configured, please proceed straight to the step #2.

  • 1st rule:
    • When: Price
    • is
    • to: 50
    • rule cost is: 10
  • 2nd rule:
    • When: Price
    • is
    • from: 50.01
    • to: 150
    • rule cost is: 15
  • 3rd rule:
    • When: Price
    • is
    • from: 150.01
    • rule cost is: 20
  1. Create a rule based on Item and set:
    • When: Item
    • is
    • additional cost is 5
    • per: 1 Item


When your customer places an order, the shipping cost will be calculated based on price and he will be additionally charged $5 per each one item, e.g.:

  1. If he orders 3 products and their summed up price is $45, the shipping cost is calculated $10 + 3 x $5 = $25 and the order total amounts to $45 + $25 = $70.
  2. If he orders 12 products and their summed up price is $240, the shipping cost is calculated $20 + 12 x $5 = $80 and the order total amounts to $240 + $80 = $320.

Wondering how it will work live?

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