WooCommerce DPD UK – External shipping integration

Send data to external shipping integration

The plugin allows getting and sending shipment data to external shipping integrations. It’s conducted with WooCommerce REST API. Shipment data are attached to the order details in fs_shiping_lines field.

fs_shipping_lines field is a table, which contains at least one shipment. All shipments are placed in the order in which they were created.

Available data

The plugin allows getting the following data:

  • type of integration
  • DPD UK service
  • liability and its value
  • package weight
  • number of parcels
  • references
  • delivery instructions

Example data

"fs_shipping_lines": [ { "_integration": "dpd_uk", "_shipping_id": "65", "created_via": "checkout", "_dpd_uk_service": "2^68", "_dpd_uk_liability": "", "_dpd_uk_liability_value": "11.00", "_dpd_uk_parcel_description": "", "_dpd_uk_weight": "1", "_dpd_uk_number_of_parcels": "1", "_dpd_uk_reference1": "", "_dpd_uk_reference2": "", "_dpd_uk_reference3": "", "_dpd_uk_delivery_instructions": "" } ],

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