Flexible Shipping Locations


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Go to menu WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → Flexible Shipping Locations.

Flexible Shipping Locations Settings


You can create unlimited custom locations by clicking Add location button. Drag & drop rules to change the order of calculations.

Flexible Shipping Locations Table

Locations Name - add location name and create your own subzones for shipping rules.

Region(s) - select regions, countries or counties for custom locations.

Postcodes - add postcodes to create custom locations eg. Scotland, Wales or another which not available in WooCommerce. You can use * (asterix) as wildcard eg. 11* for all postcodes beginning with 11 or ... (triple dot) as range eg. 00000...99999.

Locations column in Flexible Shipping rules table

In Flexible Shipping rules table a new column Locations will be available.

Flexible Shipping Rules Table

You can select locations for rules from standard WooCoomerce regions or created in the Locations table.

With Flexible Shipping Table Rate PRO you can create advanced rules with shipping classes and locations. Set different shipping cost to selected shipping classes of different locations.