Delivery Date Picker is a plugin for your WooCommerce shop allowing your customers to choose a convenient delivery date for the ordered products and make the shipping cost dependent on the date they choose. Once the customer picks the delivery date at checkout, the shipping cost is calculated and displayed.


The Delivery Date Picker is not a stand-alone plugin. In order to work properly it requires Flexible Shipping (at least its free version) to be installed and active.

Currently, full compatibility with the new WooCommerce Block-Based Checkout has not yet been implemented.


Installation Guide →


Once the Delivery Date Picker plugin is installed and activated, the following Delivery Date Picker option should appear at WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping:

Click it to reach the Delivery Date Picker General Settings:

Enable / Disable – tick this checkbox to turn on the plugin functionalities and enable the delivery date picker for Flexible Shipping shipping methods.

Lead time – determine how many days are required to prepare an order for shipment. The customer will be able to choose the nearest available delivery date delayed by the amount of days entered here, e.g., if the Lead Time is set to 2 and the customer places an order on Monday, the first available delivery date to choose will be Wednesday.

Cutoff Time – Tooltip: Select the hour after which the date of preparing the shipment will be set for the next day, e.g., if the Cutoff Time is set to 1 PM, the Lead Time as 1 and the customer places an order today at 2 PM, the nearest available to choose delivery date will be postponed to day after tomorrow.

Available delivery days – Select the days of the week which should be available to pick by the customer when choosing a delivery date.

Delivery days’ time frame – Limit the amount of available delivery days your customer can pick from the calendar, e.g., if the ‘Delivery days’ time frame’ is set to 7, the customer will be able to choose the delivery date only 7 days ahead starting from the day he places an order.

Creating a shipping method with Delivery Date Picker

After enabling the plugin functionalities in the aforementioned General Settings, the following section will appear in the Flexible Shipping shipping method’s settings:

Enable the Delivery Date Picker functionality to use it for created shipping method.

Settings Type – Once the Delivery Date Picker is enabled in the shipping method, choose if it should use the plugin configuration defined in the General Settings for or if the individual Custom Settings should be used instead.

Available delivery days – Select the days of the week which should be available to pick by the customer when choosing a delivery date for this shipping method.

Shipping Cost Calculation Rules table – determine shipping cost based on the delivery date selected by the customer.

How to use the Delivery Date Picker at checkout

After configuring the shipping method your customers will be able to use the delivery date picker at checkout.

The shipping cost of all the available shipping methods for the chosen date will be displayed at checkout:

Information about the chosen date will be visible in Order’s details.

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