Flexible Shipping Distance Based Shipping Rates adds two new conditions to your Flexible Shipping method: distance and duration. It uses Google Maps API to obtain reliable data to provide your customers with most precise shipping cost calculation. This is particularly useful when you offer your own shipping service.


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Flexible Shipping Distance Based Shipping Rates requires Flexible Shipping or Flexible Shipping PRO installed and activated.

To start configuration, go to WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → Flexible Shipping Distance Based Shipping Rates

Google Maps API Key – fill this field with Google Maps API key in order to use distance and duration conditions in Flexible Shipping methods. To obtain a key please refer to this article.

In the project in Google Cloud Console go to APIs & Services > Enabled APIs & Services.

Distance Based Shipping Rates Google API

And ensure that the Distance Matrix API is enabled.

Distance Based Shipping Rate Google Maps API Distance Matrix API

API Connection Status – see the status of the API connection. Save plugin settings to reload.

Travel mode – choose between Driving, Cycling and Walking.

Distance Unit – choose between Imperial and Metric for better fit with your local requirements.

Origin – choose Store address to use Woocommerce address as an origin. Alternatively, provide custom address details after selecting Custom address.


In Flexible Shipping rules table new conditions will be available: Distance and Duration.

For each condition you can set a values range to calculate precise shipping cost. Distance and Duration can be combined with any other cost calculation rules condition.

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