DHL Express - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need to install the Flexible Shipping or Flexible Shipping PRO plugin to make the DHL Express work?

No, you don't. DHL Express for WooCommerce is a stand-alone plugin and it does not require the Flexible Shipping or Flexible Shipping PRO to be additionally installed and active.

Is the DHL Express free version required in order the PRO to work?

No, the PRO version of our DHL Express is also a stand-alone plugin so it doesn't require the free one to be installed and active.

How to set the sender's address?

The sender's address is automatically taken from the WooCommerce settings at WooCommerce → Settings → General → Store Address.

DHL Express - FAQ - Sender's address

If you are using the free version of our DHL Express plugin please change it there. If you own the DHL Express PRO in turn you can also use the Custom Origin option. Learn more about the Custom Origin →

How to activate the debug mode?

DHL Express dedicated Debug Mode can be easily activated by ticking the ☑ Enable debug mode checkbox in the Advanced Options section of WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → DHL Express settings:

DHL Express - FAQ - Debug mode

Does the plugin support domestic shipping (shipping to the same country as shop's origin)?

Unfortunately not yet, since it is not supported via DHL Express API our plugin is using at the moment. It is dedicated for international shipping, so it will display the live rates if the shipping destination for the ordered products is different than the country your shop is located in. In other words, if you run a shop located in Spain and your customer also enters the Spanish shipping address, our DHL Express plugin will not display the live rates in such case, due to the fact that both of them - the shipper's as well as the recipient's addresses are within the same country. In turn, if the shipping destination is located e.g. in France, the live rates will be calculated and displayed properly.