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Are you looking for the best WooCommerce UK shipping option for your store? In this article, I’ll show you why DPD Local may be the best option for you. Also, I’ll guide you step by step through the plugin configuration so it will work automatically.

Why should you choose DPD Local?

DPD Local has a very interesting offer for small and medium shops. I will show you a few things that make them an interesting option as a WooCommerce UK shipping method.

Low prices

DPD Local offers parcel delivery from £5.99!

WooCommerce UK Shipping - DPD Local Parcel Delivery

You can send worldwide

With DPD Local you can send your parcels worldwide.

Look at these destinations and prices:

DPD Local France

DPD Local Germany

DPD Local Italy

DPD Local Netherlands

DPD Local Spain


There’s many more destinations available! Check out their offer.

DPD Local Pickup

There are over 2,500 Pickup Shops around the UK where you can drop off your parcel.

WooCommerce DPD UK & DPD Local plugin

Also, there is a plugin available. That way you can configure your WooCommerce UK shipping method in minutes and save time & money with automated shipping.

DPD UK & DPD Local WooCommerce 79.00

Ship your DPD orders faster. Collect shipping details, download printable shipping labels, track parcels - everything is automated.

Add to cart or View Details
Plugins used by 243,330+ shops
Last Updated: 2024-06-03
Works with WooCommerce 8.6 - 9.0.x

Once you install the plugin, we can proceed to the configuration.

WooCommerce UK shipping configuration

First, you need to register an account at DPD Local New Customer Enquiry. Next, you need to request an API access at MyDPD Local. We created a detailed guide to help you get started with DPD Local.

You need an account and the API access to use the plugin, so make sure to set up the account when you want to use the service (and our plugin).

Plugin configuration

You can configure the DPD plugin in the menu: WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → DPD UK.

You’ll see the settings screen where you need to provide your credentials.

Configuration screen of DPD UK WooCommerce plugin

In the API select box, you need to choose DPD Local. This plugin also supports the standard DPD services if you send big.

Next, choose whether or not the plugin creates shipments automatically based on the order status:

Create Shipments section on the configuration screen

You can select an hour after which the date of shipment will be set for the next day. By default, all shipment dates will be set on the same day the shipment is created.

By default, you create shipment manually in the order meta box or from bulk actions in the orders list. You can set Automatically shipments creation after specific Order status. Also, the plugin can automatically complete order after the shipment is created.

If you don’t want to create shipments automatically, read our docs on how to create them manually.

There is also a printing option where you can choose the label format:

Printing options section on the configuration screen

Do you want to add tracking link to customer emails? Mark the checkbox:

WooCommerce DPD UK - Email notifications

It will look like this (check out the footer):

Tracking number and link in the order email

Yet another thing. You have to provide the Sender details. DPD requires them to create shipments and list services.

WooCommerce DPD UK - Sender details

Shipping method configuration

Next thing, you need to configure the shipping method. The DPD UK WooCommerce uses Flexible Shipping. It is a plugin that lets you create various shipping calculation rules.

Flexible Shipping WooCommerce

The best Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce. Period. Create shipping rules based on weight, order totals or item count.

Download for free or Go to
100,000+ Active Installations
Last Updated: 2024-05-22
Works with WooCommerce 8.6 - 9.0.x

After you download and activate the Flexible Shipping, you can configure the shipping method:

Flexible Shipping: DPD UK

Select DPD UK as an Integration and choose the Service.

You can add Reference – displayed on the label. Feel free to use shortcodes there:

  • [order_number]
  • [shop_name]
  • [shop_url]

How DPD shipping works in the checkout

The process is simple:

  1. Customer goes to the checkout
  2. The plugin checks if there are DPD services available for the customer’s postcode.
  3. If so, then it shows DPD shipping method(s) in the checkout.
  4. Customer places the order.
  5. The plugin creates a shipment (or you do this manually).
  6. You can send the parcel!

When a customer chooses DPD UK shipping method, the plugin displays additional field – delivery instructions (visible on the shipping label):

WooCommerce DPD UK - Delivery instructions

It is optional, but helpful for local delivery, i.e. for neighbours.

Are you ready to start using DPD Local in your store?

That’s all! You have successfully integrated WooCommerce UK shipping method in your store. Feel free to ask us any questions in the comments section below.

Also, check out our Ultimate Guide on WooCommerce Shipping. It is available for free. Almost 10.000 people have read it already and configured their stores with this guide!

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