Our mission

We form a team based on a common goal, values, and trust, that focuses on building solutions for eCommerce businesses, addressing their individual needs and supporting their development.
We regularly assess progress within the team and stay close to our clients, aiming to build strong and lasting partnerships.


  • 2015 First release of the Flexible Shipping plugin
  • 2020 Flexible Shipping LTD as an independent company
  • 2020 Release of Flexible Shipping plugin 2.0 with new design
  • 2021 Flexible Shipping plugin with 100k active installs
  • 2022 Rebranding to Octolize

We are behind our digital products

Aligned with the Agile manifesto, we prioritize individuals over processes. Our team comprises passionate individuals who thrive on collaboration. Despite working remotely from various parts of Europe, we foster a strong sense of unity through regular company gatherings. Additionally, we emphasize employee development and actively seek out new specialists to join our team.

Piotr Jabłonowski


Grzegorz Rola


Sebastian Pisula


Marta Borówka

UX Researcher

Łukasz Spryszak

Customer Success Manager

Tomek Graczyk

Product Owner

Aleksandra Kozyra

Happiness Engineer

Jakub Pawlik

Happiness Engineer

Piotr Bodera

Happiness Engineer

Grzegorz Turbasa

QA Engineer

Wojciech Pyrgies

QA Engineer

Natalia Sowa

Head of Marketing

Marta Warszawska

People & Culture Coach

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