At Octolize we provide professional and friendly support to our customers. To keep things clear we created this support policy to outline the scope of our support.

We provide 1-on-1 support by e-mail. Submit your request using our support form. Before you contact us, please check the docs first.

How can we help you?

  • Assistance installing and setting up the plugin
  • Questions about plugin’s features and functionality
  • Plugin’s bug fixes
  • Compatibility with third-party plugins or themes
  • Customizing plugin for personal needs
  • Implementation of plugin’s individual scenarios
  • Setting up a server or domain
  • General problems with WooCommerce or WordPress – Cannot help, sorry

What are our working hours?

We work from 9 AM to 5 PM, CEST UTC+2, European time. You will get an answer from us within these hours. Click here to check what time it is on our side and compare it to yours.

Can I call you?

We do not provide phone support. Most cases simply can not be resolved by one phone call because they require further verification by our team. This process can take a lot of time and includes checking the plugins in our test environments.

We keep online support because we can quickly access the information about your shop, software versions you are using or server environment. During the online communication process we can send you screenshots for reference or links to our docs. This can’t be done using traditional phone call. Furthermore, online support gives us the ability to keep a record of your past messages so you will never have to repeat your questions.

We believe that online support is faster and more effective than a phone call and by using internet tools we can give you better experience and more professional help.

Do you provide support for the free plugins?

We only provide support in the support forums at Here are the plugins’ support forums:

Do I have to grant you access to my shop or FTP account?

In most cases there is no need for that, but still there may be situations when we will need admin access to your site in order to debug the problem. We only ask you for it in justified cases. There may occur a situation when we won’t be able to help you without the admin access.

How long after purchase can you help?

We offer 1 year of technical support. After a year, you need to renew your license in order to still receive plugin updates and support.

We will also offer priority support for Flexible Shipping Connect service when you have purchased a paid plan and have an active subscription.

Which plugin versions do you provide support for?

We only provide support for the latest versions of our plugins. If you would experience issues with older version, we might ask you to update your plugin to latest version before we can help you.

Which PHP versions are supported?

Our plugins require PHP version 5.6 or higher. Some functions may work on the PHP 5.5, but is not officially supported.