Live Rates

Save your time with WooCommerce shipping Live Rates plugins and don’t bother anymore with troublesome shipping cost configuration. Use your carrier’s account to connect it with your WooCommerce store and let the plugins calculate automatically the shipping rates based on products’ weight, dimensions and the entered shipping destination.
Connect your WooCommerce store with the carrier’s account you own
Display your customers the real-time calculated shipping rates
Select the available carriers’ services and adjust the fees to your needs

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Provide your customers with the automatically calculated shipping rates for numerous UPS services and let them choose their preferred Access Points.

From: £69 / 1 license 1,000+ Active Installations

Enable the FedEx live rates for international delivery and integrate it with your shop in less than 5 minutes. Save your time and money – let the shipping cost be calculated automatically.

From: £69 / 1 license 500+ Active Installations

Let the DHL Express calculate the shipping cost live for the products the customers order in your store. Choose from the abundance of settings and tweak the rates to fit your business.

From: £69 / 1 license 200+ Active Installations

Conditionally display and hide the shipping methods in your WooCommerce store. Define the rules when the specific shipping methods, e.g., live rates should be available to pick and when not to.

From: £79 / 1 license 300+ Active Installations

Serve your customers the automatically and real-time calculated USPS shipping rates. Add the handling fees, insurance and adjust them to your needs with just a few clicks.

From: £69 / 1 license 300+ Active Installations

Let your customers calculate and see the shipping cost on product pages based on the entered shipping destination and cart contents.

From: £29 / 1 license 50+ Active Installations

Serve your customers the automatically and real-time calculated CP shipping rates. Add the handling fees, insurance and adjust them to your needs with just a few clicks.

From: £69 / 1 license 20+ Active Installations

Provide your customers with the AP services and real-time calculated shipping rates. Add the handling fees, insurance and adjust them to your needs with just a few clicks.

Coming soon

Let your customers choose the Royal Mail shipping methods with the real-time calculated shipping rates. Add the handling fees, insurance and adjust them to your needs in no time.

From: £69 / 1 license 20+ Active Installations

How does the Live Rates works?

How the live rates plugins offered by Octolize calculates the shipping rates? All the “magic” happens in just three steps:

Creating API Requests

All the Octolize live rates WooCommerce plugins create the API requests based on the customer’s cart and your plugin’s settings. The request contains all the data that can affect the calculation of the courier company rates. It’s the weight of all the products in the shopping cart and their dimensions. It’s also the shipping location, store address and all the plugin’s settings like pickup type, and parcel packing method. Of course, it must contain all the elements that affect price changes, such as additional insurance or handling fees configured in the plugin’s settings, are also added there. The plugin then sends the request to the courier company servers, where the request is processed.

Rates calculation with the API Response

Based on the file uploaded by the WooCommerce live rates plugins, the courier company’s servers return an API response with all available shipping methods along with their rates. They are calculated fully automatically.

Rates presentation

The final step is to display all available shipping methods with live calculated shipping rates. The Live Rates plugin interprets the data from the response API and displays it in the cart or checkout page of your WooCommerce store. Everything happens in the blink of an eye, so the store’s customers get automatically calculated rates.

Accurate Rates

With Octolize WooCommerce plugins, you’ll receive accurate live rates. You won’t have to bother with configuring the shipping cost manually and checking the changes in courier’s prices. The plugins like UPS WooCommerce Live Rates and Access Points PRO can calculate how much it will cost for your customer to ship their order. This saves you time in setting up shipping in the store and handling orders. What’s more, by receiving automatically calculated rates, you don’t have to worry about the shipping cost being more than your customers have paid. With live rates plugins from Octolize, you can save time and money.

Why Are Shipping Plugins Important For eCommerce?

Shipping plugins are essential for eCommerce because they allow you to ship your products more efficiently. Shipping plugins can help you automate the shipping process. This means you don’t have to worry about manually tracking and processing orders. The plugin will do all that for you so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Shipping plugins also make it easier to automate the shipping process from your end. It does so by allowing you to set up rules for how orders should be shipped, such as package size or weight limits. This means that when someone places an order, they will only be charged for what they ordered. They will not any additional fees associated with shipping services like shipping boxes or packaging materials.

Procedure For Shipping Process

The first step is to email the customer that the courier company has picked up their parcel. This email will come from the seller’s system and be sent to the recipient’s email address. The user can then click on this link and see an overview of what was in their package and how much it cost. If there were any problems with their parcel, they can click on “report a problem” and fill out a form with details about what happened. The courier company’s API returns the accurate shipping rates to the Octolize live rates plugin.

The Octolize logistics plugins for eCommerce are a convenient way to get the most accurate estimates on shipping costs. It’s a great way to save money on your next order with a courier company. This plugin allows you to see exactly how much it will cost and even shows you when the package will arrive at its destination. The plugin then interprets the data returned by the API and displays available services with rates.

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