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All Plugins Bundle Avatar Icon
209.00 / 1 license 500+ Active Installations

Grab a pack of all Octolize plugins as a cut-price tailor-made limited offer for developers, agencies and freelancers. No strings attached, each plugin’s 1-site subscription included.

Ups Bundle Avatar Icon
99.00 / 1 license 800+ Active Installations

Connect your WooCommerce store with your UPS account, offer your customers real-time shipping rates and generate printable shipping labels for each placed order.

Dpd Bundle Avatar Icon
99.00 / 1 license 300+ Active Installations

Integrate your WooCommerce store with your DPD UK account, customize the UK locations and automate the whole order processing including generating and printing the shipping labels.

Customizable Rates Bundle Avatar Icon
129.00 / 1 license 800+ Active Installations

Fully customize the shipping cost in your shop, define its calculation rules based on numerous conditions, hide and display the shipping methods and divide orders into separate packages.

Live Rates Bundle Avatar Icon
129.00 / 1 license 500+ Active Installations

Serve your customers the UPS, FedEx, DHL Express or USPS shipping methods with automatically calculated rates and use multiple conditions to display them according to your terms and needs.

Choosing the right plugins for your business can be challenging. Not all plugins have the functionality you need. The solution may be to buy more plugs. However, this can be quite expensive. Therefore, the best option is to buy them in bundles. This is where Octolize comes in. It provides the best shipping plugin bundles for WooCommerce sites. These are great plugins to use, and it improves logistics and conversions for eCommerce sites.

Range of Custom-Built Plugin Bundles

Octolize’s custom-built plugin bundles are the perfect solution for businesses that need to set shipping cost calculations for WooCommerce. All bundles are selected plugins that complement each other and together can give many more possibilities when calculating shipping costs. If you need live rates from different couriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS and more) you can choose Live Rates Bundle. If you want to manage shipping and create shipping labels for DPD UK or UPS, you can choose a customized Bundle for each of these couriers. The most popular solution is, of course, the Flexible Shipping bundle, which includes the best table rate shipping plugin for WooCommerce along with all the add-ons that extend its vast capabilities even further.

One Bundle to Rule Them All

If that’s not enough for you, you can choose the All Plugins Bundle, where you’ll find all the plugins from Octolize. This way, you will be able to see the power of Octolize’s solutions, which not only help you calculate shipping costs, but also help you save your time and money. Properly set up plugins can reduce abandoned shopping carts and increase sales in your store. All Plugins Bundle is also the most cost-effective option in Octolize’s store – it’s just a fraction of the price of all the plugins bought separately.

Save Money With Octolize

Octolize provides a plugin bundles that allows you to grow your store, sharpen your sales, and save money. The plugins are a great way to ensure your shipping process is streamlined, and you continue profiting. Octolize bundles offer you a wide range of different functions that can help you achieve success. It’s just a much cheaper solution than buying plugins separately or from different authors. What’s more, buying this way ensures that all plugs are compatible with each other and avoids configuration problems.

Why Are Shipping Plugin Bundles From Octolize Ideal For Your Business?

The WooCommerce shipping plugin bundles from Octolize are ideal for your business because it is a complete solution that allows you to manage all aspects of your shipping process, from shipping cost calculation to order fulfillment and shipment.
These bundles include all the tools you need to start shipping your customers’ orders immediately. You’ll get an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that lets you manage shipments.