Send UPS Access Points Choice from WooCommerce to the External Order Management System

Send UPS Access Points Choice from WooCommerce
Author Bartosz Gajewski
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Many WooCommerce store owners use the External Order Management System. It’s useful, especially when you have more than one store. But in some cases, it can be problematic. In this article, I’ll explain how to send UPS Access Points Choice from WooCommerce.

We are aware that it can be problematic, so we developed a simple but effective solution. Now, if you are using the UPS WooCommerce plugin, you can easily get details of UPS Access Point that your clients choose. All the necessary data is now saved in a special table and can be passed through the WooCommerce REST API.

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ll shipment data is attached to the order details in the shiping_lines field in meta_data.

The plugin allows to get the following data:

  • ups_access_point – Access Point id
  • ups_access_point_address – Access Point address
  • ups_service_code – UPS Service code

How to Send UPS Access Points choice from WooCommerce?

So, how does it work?

Send UPS Access Point choice from WooCommerce

First, you have to get the right plugin. Download and activate the UPS WooCommerce Plugin that allows to simply send the data. Then you just have to wait until one of your clients places an order and choose UPS Access Points as a shipping option. All the shipment details, including UPS Access Point selection, are saved in shiping_lines field and are ready to send. Now you can easily send all the shipment details to any External Order Management System that works with REST API.

Example UPS Access Points data

And now, something for the developers.

"shipping_lines": [
"id": 109,
"method_title": "UPS Express Saver (Access Point)",
"method_id": "flexible_shipping_ups",
"instance_id": "4",
"total": "57.03",
"total_tax": "13.12",
"taxes": [
"id": 1,
"total": "13.1169",
"subtotal": ""
"meta_data": [
"id": 807,
"key": "ups_access_point",
"value": "U47159400"
"id": 808,
"key": "ups_access_point_address",
"id": 809,
"key": "ups_service_code",
"value": "65"

Send shipment details from other shipping plugins

We allowed to send UPS Access Points Choice from WooCommerce, but we also added a similar solution to most of our shipping plugins. In the DPD UK plugin, you can also get data, this time from fs_shipping_lines field. but the core of this feature is the same. It’s all made to make using WooCommerce easy. We really hope that it will be helpful.


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3 years ago


How to send UPS Access Points Choice from WooCommerce?

Łukasz Spryszak
Łukasz Spryszak
Reply to  کارگزاری
2 years ago

Hi, integrating your WooCommerce shop the way described above with an external order management system via REST API requires some custom coding, however, the details how it should be done depend on the system you want to integrate it with and it is undoubtedly a very complex matter.

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