Why Shipping Options Might Not Be Showing in WooCommerce and How to Fix It

Why Shipping Options Might Not Be Showing in WooCommerce and How to Fix It
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Store owners may face significant difficulties when WooCommerce shipping choices disappear, which can annoy consumers and reduce revenue. This article explores the typical reasons for this issue and offers workable fixes to guarantee that your shipping options appear as intended. 

Why shipping options aren’t displaying?

A typical problem faced by owners of WooCommerce stores is that their shipping choices do not appear throughout the checkout process. This may irritate clients and result in cart abandonment. Consider the following scenario: a consumer wants to make a purchase from your shop. He selects the items, feels content with his selection, and proceeds to make the payment. But as it happens, he receives the WooCommerce no shipping options available message on the checkout page:


no shipping methods available message in WooCommerce

What will he do? Just abandon the cart and purchase somewhere else. Several factors can cause this issue, from incorrect settings to conflicts with other plugins. In this article, we’ll explore the possible reasons behind the problem and provide solutions to ensure your WooCommerce shipping options display correctly.

To avoid that, consider changing the “No shipping options were found” message using the free Shipping Notices WooCommerce plugin.

Common mistakes leading to missing shipping options

Most often, the problem with a lack of available shipping methods is linked to a misconfiguration of the shipping options, WooCommerce or the WooCommerce shipping plugin. Several common mistakes can lead to displaying WooCommerce no shipping options were found. These include:

  • Incorrect shipping zones: Ensure all relevant shipping zones are set up correctly with the appropriate regions and methods assigned.
  • Missing or incorrect shipping methods: Verify that you have added shipping methods to each zone and configured them correctly.
  • Customer address issues: Check that the customer’s shipping address falls within the defined zones and methods.
  • Disabled shipping methods: Ensure no shipping methods are accidentally disabled.
  • Weight and dimensions: Make sure product weight and dimensions are set up, as some shipping methods rely on this information.
  • Debugging settings: Enable debugging in WooCommerce to identify any errors or issues in the shipping setup.

Theme compatibility – ensuring your theme doesn’t interfere with shipping options

A key factor that can affect the display of shipping options in WooCommerce is theme compatibility. If your theme isn’t fully compatible with WooCommerce, it can interfere with the functionality of the plugin, including shipping options. To check for theme-related issues, switch to a default WordPress theme recommended for WooCommerce: Storefront. If the shipping options appear after that change, the problem likely lies with your theme. Contact the theme developer for support or consider using a WooCommerce-friendly theme to ensure seamless operation.

Plugin conflicts – identifying and resolving issues with other WooCommerce extensions

Another common cause for shipping options not showing in WooCommerce is plugin conflicts. Some plugins might not play well together, leading to functional issues. This can be a problem especially if you have plugins in your WooCommerce shop that are supposed to affect shipping in any way. 

To identify conflicts, deactivate all your plugins except WooCommerce. Then check that the shipping cost is displayed correctly. If it does, reactivate plugins one by one while checking the shipping options at each step. When you find the plugin causing the issue, look for updates or consider alternative plugins that offer similar functionalities without conflicts. The safest way to debug these types of problems is to create a backup of your shop, the so-called stage version. 

How outdated versions can impact shipping display?

Outdated versions of WordPress, WooCommerce or the plugins themselves shouldn’t have much of an impact on the shipping cost display on the order page, as long as you don’t make changes to the site. The problem may arise when any element of your shop is updated. This is especially true if the WooCommerce version is updated. Often older versions of plugins do not support features in newer versions of WooCommerce, so combining the latest WooCommerce with an older version of a shipping plugin can result in shipping options not displaying correctly on the order page. 

This is why it is so important to ensure that all the elements that make up your online shop are up to date: WordPress, all plugins, themes and PHP versions. This practice can resolve many issues and enhance your store’s performance and security.

Custom fixes for shipping display problems

If standard troubleshooting steps don’t resolve the issue, custom fixes might be necessary. This can involve adding custom code snippets to your theme’s functions.php file or using WooCommerce hooks and filters to adjust shipping behavior. Custom solutions should be approached carefully, with the assistance of a developer to avoid further complications.

The developers of WooCommerce plugins often offer support in case of compatibility issues between their products and your shop. If you have a paid version of a plugin such as Flexible Shipping PRO WooCommerce, you can contact support for shipping related issues, such as a problem displaying shipping options on the checkout page or plugin related issues like cart based shipping in  WooCommerce.


Shipping options not showing in WooCommerce can be a complex issue with various potential causes. By systematically checking theme compatibility, plugin conflicts, and configuration settings, you can identify and resolve the problem. Keeping WooCommerce, your theme, and plugins up to date is also crucial for maintaining functionality and avoiding conflicts.

For persistent issues, consider seeking help from a developer or the WooCommerce support team. Properly configured shipping with WooCommerce not only enhances the customer experience but also ensures smooth operation and increases conversion rates for your store.

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