Octolize is a system
of solutions for
e-commerce shipping

Octolize allows you to set up advanced shipping scenarios in your e-commerce store. Your clients will see only the shipping options available to them with precisely defined costs.

Gs Automation

We care about shipping

We strongly believe that shipping is a make-or-break aspect of eCommerce.
That’s why we create solutions that make it easy to calculate and display the right shipping methods for e-commerce.

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Shipping that drives revenue

Stop risking the cart abandonment due to unwanted surprises about shipping options

Icon Proper Shipping
Proper shipping cost

Stop paying extra for an incorrectly quoted shipping costs

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More automation

Stop wasting your energy on calculating and configuring shipping rates

Safety first!

Based on years of experience, we provide solutions that are safe and reliable. We know that the growth of your ecommerce store may depend on them. That’s why we put our best efforts to ensure the security of your store.

What we do regarding to safety:

  • Testing of our solutions before each update
  • Regular testing of our code
  • Adapting solutions to the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce
Gs Automation

How our solutions work together

We work hard to ensure that each of our solutions is part of a larger system of solutions for e-commerce shipping. Often it is the combination of several of them that gives the best results and allows to secure your sales on the home straight – shipping options.