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Stop paying extra for an incorrectly quoted shipping
– proper shipping cost

Easily set up the most challenging shipping scenarios based on the most popular factors in e-commerce. Make sure your customers pay for each shipment the exact amount that you want.

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Shipping cost for any scenario

Flat rates often result in additional cost for the store’s owner. Instead, use the functional shipping rules table to configure even the most challenging shipping scenario and stop paying extra.


  • Handle the shipping cost for overweight or oversized orders
  • Set extra costs for specific products or categories
  • Add the cost of shipping insurance or offer discounts

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Shipping cost automation

Use live rates to display shipping rates directly from your carriers based on the customer’s shopping cart. One time set-up allows you to automate the shipping cost calculation in your store.

Adjust shipping costs to your needs:

  • Offer free shipping over amount
  • Enable additional fees
  • Offer delivery cost discounts

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Move your e-shop to next level!

Control shipping methods

Offer your customers only the shipping methods you want

Proper shipping cost

Show your customers actual shipping rates

Shipping drives revenue

Improve User Experience of your shop and boost conversion rate

Customizable rates

Adjustment of shipment to the prevailing needs of customers

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Dream Home’s Story

Dream Home offers a wide range of furniture and products for the home and office..

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Vitrek’s Story

Since 1990, Vitrek has provided innovative global solutions for High Voltage Test and Measurement. Vitrek supplies.

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Implement our solutions into your e-shop

Flexible Shipping PRO WooCommerce

The best and the most powerful Table Rate shipping plugin for WooCommerce. Define the shipping rules based on numerous conditions and configure even the most complex shipping scenarios with ease.

Live Rates Bundle

Serve your customers the UPS, FedEx, DHL Express or USPS shipping methods with automatically calculated rates and use multiple conditions to display them according to your terms and needs.

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I’ve been using this plugin for a few weeks now, and I absolutely enjoy it!
I found it as part of my search for something that will enable me to manage the delivery and shipment options beyond the standard ones. Flexible Shipping has reached this goal and far beyond that! It solves so many little problems and limitations that the default system has, and is very simple to manage.


My site has a lot of weight based items and this plugin lets me set excellent rules so that the customer pays the right fee for his package! works nice and simple! Great work!


From Pre-Sales to Set-up the information provided was clear. The “Happiness Engineer” who guided me was extremely helpful and patient with the set-up process and my questions. I am so grateful to have the capabilities to adjust shipping and reduce loss of revenue for my clients!


I run a dropshipping website and need really unique shipping rules. Some products ship free after a certain number of orders. Some products ship flat rate, some do not. Some ship at different rates for a different number of items. Flexible Shipping allows me to customize my shipping rules to meet my vendors’ needs. I’m super glad I have this.


I can not express myself with my limited words. This plugin solved a very big problem I was facing. I purchased a few wrong plugins and then found this free plugin which fixed the issue. The support is also really good. I mean it. The support guy added a new functionality just for me according to my requirements. I thank him in my heart every day. This plugin is the best plugin that has outstanding support too.


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