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A recent report by UpStreamWorks indicates that at least half of the customers abandon the cart during the checkout process (and up to 60% when there’s a discount involved). This, according to the same report, translates into huge losses for e-commerce sites around the world. The question remains: what causes this high rate of cart abandonment?

High shipping costs

Cart abandonment Shopify is a problem that many businesses face. If you’re not careful, your customers will leave without checking out.

The majority of customers abandon the cart due to high shipping costs. According to an online retailer, only 43% of customers will continue checkout after they see that they have to pay for shipping. They also found that customers are 2x more likely to abandon their carts if the item is over $50 and 3x more likely if it’s over $100.

The average cost of shipping has been increasing since 2016, largely due to a rise in fuel prices as well as an increase in demand for e-commerce deliveries caused by a growing number of online shoppers. This means that even if your store offers free standard shipping (or even expedited delivery), you may still be losing sales from those who decide not to buy because they’re unwilling to pay extra for it, especially when there are plenty of other sites offering free or low-cost options.

Some retailers offer free shipping under certain conditions — such as orders over a certain amount or signing up for loyalty programs — but even this strategy can backfire if your requirements aren’t clearly communicated upfront and thereby leave some potential buyers feeling misled into thinking they’ll be paying nothing at all when checking out.

Surprising taxes or charges

Unclear shipping fee

Cart abandonment WooCommerce is a major issue for online businesses. The customer may not be aware of how much the shipping costs and will abandon the cart if they do not like a high amount. A good way to avoid this is by showing the exact amount when a customer selects their country during checkout.

Unreasonable shipping fee

Unreasonable shipping fees are when an online merchant takes advantage of customers by charging them more than what they would normally pay for postage or handling costs. For example, if you order something from Amazon UK and live in Australia then it’s likely that your product will have been shipped from England to Australia before being delivered to you. That means there are multiple countries involved along with different customs laws which can result in extra charges being added to your order (such as taxes) which increases its overall price tag significantly.

Customs and handling fee

Customs and handling fees are similar but slightly different from other types such as taxes because these don’t necessarily apply only when someone lives outside their country’s borders – rather it could also happen within one’s own country due to local regulations too! So while this may be easier on consumers who live overseas since there aren’t any additional taxes applied during checkout–it still won’t stop merchants from making money off those who shop domestically at times either (though I’m sure there’s some sort of legal reason behind why this happens).

Forced account registration

If you’re still forcing customers to register for an account before they can complete the checkout process, then you’re leaving money on the table.

The first step towards removing forced account registration is understanding why it’s bad for business. The main reason is that many customers don’t want to create an account just so they can buy something from your store—they only want what you have and that’s it.

They won’t be coming back again, nor are they likely to recommend your business if their experience was less than pleasant. This kind of behavior means lost revenue for your store and a headache for your team when it comes time to analyze customer behavior (and there will come a time).

Not enough payment options

One of the most important things to consider when considering your checkout process is how many payment options you offer.

Many customers will abandon the cart if they can’t find their preferred payment option. In fact, a survey conducted by PATA found that 55% of shoppers have abandoned an online purchase due to a lack of payment options and 53% have abandoned it due to credit card problems.

Offering more payment methods increases conversions because it allows customers who don’t have traditional credit cards to complete their purchases. According to Statista, non-traditional credit card users make up 9% of all US households with Internet access, which is nearly 30 million people! If you want these customers but don’t offer them any other way to purchase besides credit cards then you could be missing out on sales opportunities every day.

Offering multiple forms of payments has another advantage as well – it allows new shoppers (who may not yet have established credit profiles) or those living outside the US where many businesses aren’t set up for international transactions (and therefore cannot accept overseas checks) another option for making purchases online.

Credit card security concerns

You can’t prevent fraud, but you can help protect your customers’ data. The next most common reason for cart abandonment is security concerns. This can be a direct result of fraud and credit card theft, which is a serious problem that’s more prominent than ever on the internet today. But even if this isn’t your store’s issue, it’s still important to consider how customers perceive you as an online merchant.

Slow and confusing checkout process

  • Make sure your checkout process is smooth and easy to follow.
  • If you have a lot of form fields, try to group them into sections. It should be obvious where to put your information and what each field is asking for. You can do this by using labels or icons next to the fields so that users know what they’re supposed to enter (for example, an asterisk next to a field means that you need to type the number “1” in it).
  • Tip: WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Emails is one of the best saving eCommerce carts plugins available in the market today. It allows you to send automated emails to customers who abandon their cart without buying anything. You can also use this plugin to show special promotions only for people who have left their cart in between shopping sessions.

User experience not optimized for mobiles

The cart abandonment eCommerce problem has long been a thorn in the side of eCommerce sites One of the biggest obstacles for e-commerce companies is that their users are using mobile devices more and more to browse and buy online. According to a survey by Google, 75% of consumers use a mobile device during their shopping process. This trend is only growing as smartphones become cheaper and more people get them.

With the rise of mobile usage comes a growing number of potential customers who are abandoning carts because they can’t complete the checkout process on their phones or tablet. It’s important for eCommerce companies like yours to make sure that your checkout experience is optimized for mobiles so you don’t lose out on sales when customers try to check out with you through their phone or tablet!

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