FedEx WooCommerce – automatic box packing

FedEx WooCommerce - automatic box packing
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Calculating the shipping cost for big orders in WooCommerce can be problematic. But with FedEx WooCommerce plugin, the live shipping rates will be adjusted to the number of boxes. This way, you’ll never overpay for FedEx shipping.

It’s all possible with our FedEx WooCommerce Live Rates PRO plugin that offers not only automatic box packing but also multi-currency support and handling fees.

FedEx WooCommerce Live Rates PRO 69.00

Reasonably priced international delivery. Enable FedEx live rates for WooCommerce, save money and display the dynamically calculated shipping cost to your customers.

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2,000+ Active Installations
Last Updated: 2024-04-18
Works with WooCommerce 8.5 - 8.8.x

FedEx WooCommerce is an extended version of the free plugin that has more than 2,000 active installations. Read our article about WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Calculator.

FedEx WooCommerce – automatic box packing

The plugin will automatically pack products to standard FedEx packages or custom boxes based on weight. This way, you’ll get the most accurate rates for FedEx shipping in WooCommerce. FedEx WooCommerce plugin offers three parcel packing methods: Pack into one box by weight, Pack items separately and Pack into custom boxes.

Pack into custom boxes is the most advanced option, that allows defining what boxes do you want to use. It can be a predefined box based on FedEx packaging options or your own custom box.

Predefined boxes:

  • Envelope
  • Reusable Envelope
  • Small polyethylene Pak
  • Large polyethylene Pak
  • Padded Pak
  • Reusable Sturdy Pak
  • Small Box S1
  • Small Box S2
  • Medium Box
  • Large Box L1
  • Large Box L2
  • Extra Large Box
  • Tube
  • 10kg Box
  • 25kg Box
You can find the exact dimensions of packages in FedEx page.

Dimensions of predefined boxes can’t be changed. The plugin allows you to add boxes with custom dimensions.

Custom boxes

To set your own custom boxes, select Pack into custom boxes in the Parcel Packing Method field.

FedEx WooCommerce - parcel packing method

Then, in the Shipping Boxes section click on the Add button and select Custom Box.

FedEx WooCommerce - custom shipping boxes

Enter all dimensions and (if necessary) Box Weight and Padding that will be deducted from the max weight and dimensions of the package.

You can find more information about plugin’s features in our documentation.

Don’t overpay for multiple box shipping with FedEx WooCommerce

In this article, I showed you how to use automatic box packing for FedEx WooCommerce. Our plugin is a great solution for WooCommerce store owners that use FedEx as the delivery option. Thanks to calculating costs based on multiple box packing, your customers will always get the right price of shipping and you’ll never overpay for it.

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