How to increase your conversions by improving your shop’s shipping experience

How to increase conversion
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There are a number of aspects that lead to the efficiency of your online e-commerce company, and the shipping process is one of them. Approximately 80% of customers say they won’t buy from a company again if they had a bad delivery experience. There are a plethora of eCommerce conversion tactics available, but some of the most effective ones are sometimes ignored. One of the most important actions you can take to boost client retention is to optimise your eCommerce delivery plan with the WooCommerce shipping plugin.

Why should you prioritize the flexible shipping process?

Customers demand quick delivery, a variety of shipping alternatives, and reasonable rates when it comes to shipping. Furthermore, before adding things to their cart, 70 percent of customers seek free-shipping criteria. Improving the delivery experience for consumers is a wonderful method to achieve these expectations. A good shipping plan boosts conversions, raises average order value, lowers expenses, and boosts overall operational efficiency.

The whole point of purchasing online is convenience, and while shipping costs are unavoidable, most customers despise having to pay them. Flexible Shipping enables you to import and export with ease, as well as move and update delivery methods while also taking the customer-centric factors into consideration.

On the other hand, Consumers appreciate honesty and transparency. You should create the appropriate terms and conditions to notify your customers about costs, taxes, estimated delivery times, refunds, shipping locations, alternatives, and general shipping practices. These policies safeguard both the vendor and the customer and remove the possibility of a dispute. 

Of course, consumers will benefit from more flexible shipping options and increased transparency in the purchase fulfilment process. More than a third of respondents said they sought in-store pickup when looking for inflexible shipping choices, while over eight out of ten said knowing when an item will arrive was a must when purchasing online. In this case, integrating your ecommerce portal with an effective WooCommerce shipping plugin like ours paves the path for ultimate success. 

Give your customers shipping flexibility that leads to great conversion!

The choice is seen as an integral aspect of modern shopping by the common shopper. As you move your business online, this decision becomes even more important. Consider this: 50% of shoppers say delivery determines who they purchase with.

Flexibility plays a huge part in converting sales behind the smoke and mirrors of current marketing strategies. Apart from avoiding aggressive salesman, the internet allows customers to sit down at their leisure, analyse information, and compare products and services. Customers will be able to make an informed judgement about your brand if you keep payment, shipping, and return options accessible and transparent.

It’s all about choice and control when it comes to turning this activity into a conversion. Flexible Shipping for WooCommerce shops is the most feature-rich delivery plugin available, allowing you to determine shipping rates based on weight and/or cart total. It becomes the only WooCommerce shipping addon you’ll ever need when integrated with the PRO version.

You can configure any shipping scenario based on totals, mass, quantity, shipping categories, and more with the most versatile Shipping plugin for WooCommerce. You can provide automated shipping prices and expedite the delivery of your products. It works with both the free and PRO editions, so if you don’t need the PRO features, you may buy it individually.

Some of the key features of Flexible Shipping Plugin

  • Costs calculation rules with Unlimited shipping methods
  • The cost of shipping is specified by the entire amount in your cart and/or the weight of your clients’ orders.
  • Values depending on cart total/weight (both minimum and maximum)
  • Ready-to-use settings are pre-installed.
  • Conflicts in the shipping zone setup are automatically notified.
  • Calculation options for the cart (cart or package value)
  • Support for shipping classes
  • Shipping fees are calculated depending on the number of products ordered and/or the number of items in the cart.
  • The cost of shipping is determined by the product’s maximum dimension.
  • Shipping costs are calculated based on the items ordered (products, product categories, product tags)
  • Coupons for free delivery assistance.

Stop Planning and Start Implementing!

eCommerce fulfilment is tricky, and there are several factors to consider. The shipping method should be the most important aspect of your company. Your organisation might face major challenges in the future if you don’t have a well-structured, integrated system in place. Failure to convert clients is a small company’s death knell. You may, however, simplify by expanding your Flexible Shipping options that eventually ensure a seamless and enjoyable client experience.

Your brand must promote security, adaptability, and quality in order to turn potential consumers into cash streams. Merchants are swiftly converting shipping – which has historically been considered as a required expenditure by customers – into a non-factor with a little imagination and the use of omnichannel eCommerce solutions. Retailers can improve both their consumers’ purchasing experiences and the overall effectiveness of their eCommerce operations by offering various delivery alternatives. Consider installing our WooCommerce shipping plugin today!

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