Flexibility – Main Way of Increasing Conversions through Efficient Shipping

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Experience of various shipping carriers showed that flexibility is the main way of increasing conversions through efficient shipping. Flexibility means different things to different people, but it can be defined as follows:

Offer various shipping options

You can provide customers with multiple shipping options by offering an estimated delivery date, delivery time, and estimated cost. Then, you’ll want to provide a list of delivery options for specific products. You should also include instructions for delivery and payment options.

Tip: Flexible Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce is a simple, yet powerful shipping plugin for WooCommerce. It allows you to set up flexible shipping rules based on product and other parameters.

Outline delivery conditions

The delivery conditions of your store are a very important factor in conversion to purchase. You should specify them in the order form, and make sure that they are clearly visible in the header and footer of your website.

It’s not enough just to specify how much it costs for shipping – you’ll also need to think about what kind of delivery options you can offer customers, as well as which countries you’re prepared to ship to and which shipping methods are available for each one.

Make sure all these details are available on your website so that customers know exactly what they’ll be charged before placing their order.

Shipping cost calculator

A shipping cost calculator is a tool that allows you to easily add shipping costs to the product price. There are several options when it comes to shipping:

Free Shipping – This is probably the most obvious option, but also one of the most popular ones as well. You can offer free shipping by setting your flat rate at $0 or even more than $0 (e.g., $1), which gives customers an incentive to purchase more products and make their orders bigger.

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Fixed Amount – If you want to offer a fixed amount for shipping regardless of how many items they buy, then this option fits perfectly. The only downside is that if someone buys just one item from your store (which happens often), then he/she will have to pay for shipping anyway!

Free shipping (if possible)

One of the most popular flexible shipping methods is free shipping. Free shipping is the easiest way to increase your conversion rate, and this is why it’s one of the most popular strategies for eCommerce businesses. It’s important to understand how does shipping affect conversion and how you can make it work for your business. If you want to get started with free shipping, there are a few things you should know first:

  • Free shipping increases order size, so it’s a good way to increase average order value.
  • Free shipping can help you compete with other stores by giving customers an incentive to buy from you instead of your competitor.
  • You don’t have to offer completely free shipping; if you’re worried about increasing your costs too much, just offer “free delivery” or “free standard delivery” instead.

Compensate for delays in delivery

We have already covered one way to increase the chance of a happy customer – ensuring that your shipping process is fast and reliable. However, sometimes
delays happen regardless of how well you plan for them. If this is the case for your company, it’s important to ensure that customers are compensated for their inconvenience in some way.

The best way to do this is by offering an apology and/or compensation in each delayed package’s note (if applicable). This can be as simple as a small gift like chocolates or flowers, or even an extra discount on their next purchase from you. It will show them how much you value their business and help make up for lost time spent waiting on their delivery!

Add tracking to the cart

One of the most overlooked ways to increase your conversion rate is to offer to track information on your shipping confirmations. It’s a simple, but effective way for you to help customers feel more confident about their purchase and build trust with them. Plus, it allows them to track their packages in real-time so that they can follow along on their journey from where it was shipped all the way to their final destination.

To add tracking information, place an order number or other tracking code on your packaging slip right next to where it says “Thank You” so that customers will see this information before opening up the box/bag containing whatever item(s) they ordered.

Automate the process of preparation for shipment, or at least simplify it

Automating the process of preparation for shipment, or at least simplifying it, is one of the main ways to increase conversions through efficient shipping.

When you automate your processes, you remove a lot of manual work from the equation and make it easier for your team to keep up with everything that needs to be done. Software that integrates with major eCommerce platforms can simplify things even further by making it possible for customers themselves to print labels and track their shipments easily.

Check the quality of your packaging regularly

Packaging is a vital part of your shipping process. Your customers will interact with it much more often than they’ll interact with the product itself, so it’s important to make sure that you’re using the right material to protect your products and boost the presentation.

But how do you know that what’s in those boxes is actually going to be safe? You need to check the quality of your packaging regularly!

When you check on the quality of your packaging regularly, you’ll be able to spot any issues before they become problems. For example, if one shipment gets damaged during transit due to poor quality packaging materials or construction methods, then this could lead other customers who buy from you later on down the line to have similar issues too!

Reward loyal customers and buyers referring their friends to your Shopify/WooCommerce store

Incentivizing buyers to refer their friends is a great way to get new customers. Give them a discount on their next purchase if they get two friends to buy something from your store. This will give your customers an incentive to share your brand and products with others, and it helps you spread the word about what you’re selling.

You can also incentivize buyers by giving them discounts for multiple purchases or for referring friends. You could offer 10% off all purchases when someone buys three items in one go, or give them 20% off the second item in a transaction if they’ve referred at least one friend within six months of signing up for an account on your site.

Another option is to reward long-time customers with special offers such as birthday discounts (10% off any purchase made during their birthday month) or anniversary discounts (20% off any order made within 12 months of them becoming a customer). If someone has been using your service for five years straight now would be an excellent time to give him/her something special!

Finally, consider offering some sort of prize as part of this program (like free shipping) so people are motivated to participate consistently over time.

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