Improving the logistics of your eCommerce with our plugins

Improving the logistics of your eCommerce with our plugins
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When running an eCommerce business logistics is one of the crucial parts that cannot be overlooked for smooth operations and successful business. eCommerce logistics or e-logistics are not flashy and attractive in the front end, but rather a strong part of the backend process for eCommerce business that will decide your customer services such as inventory management, and billing, payment collection, shipping, return, and exchange, and more. These logistics need to work in synchronisation for a successful supply chain.

That’s why eCommerce businesses need a proper system that can help them manage these logistics in a more organised manner, help to fulfil order placement for customers quickly, and reduce the risk of losing customers. The majority of customers do not prefer shopping with merchants if their fulfilment and logistics are not in place, no matter how good your product is. There, eCommerce businesses need a unique and effective system for streamlined logistics organisation. Our WooCommerce and customised plugins for the logistics of eCommerce is the best solution to resolve this issue.

If you are looking for a high-performing and effective plugin, Octolize has got you covered. Many WooCommerce shipping plugins like FedEx, UPS, etc can offer additional functionalities to existing WooCommerce sites.

Reasons why our customised plugins will help you increased conversion in eCommerce:

Accurate calculations

No doubt hiring professionals can help, but sometimes human errors happen, there’s no guarantee your professional will be accurate with the shipping or billing details of final product lists or any other calculations. Our high-performing and tailor-made plugins for the logistics of eCommerce can help you reduce the chances of errors and ensure your tasks are error-free. Moreover, companies involved in delivery and production can run their business smoothly as the right plugin solutions can help you with accurate calculations for expected arrival or take into consideration the traffic, and previous delivery data to make the decisions.

Shipment tracking

Shipment tracking is highly crucial for eCommerce websites and can be a tool to improve user experience if you are planning to offer shipping tracking IDs to your customers. The eCommerce logistics plugin can help you with an easy and quick shipment process by enabling the use of logistics labels and using tracking ids for enhancing the customer experience. You and your customers will know the details of the shipment eliminating the chances of loss in transit. Logistics plugins with the website offer convenience, control, and quality for both customers and merchants.

Offers multiple Shipping options

When it comes to shipping options, customers expect different choices. The majority of customers switch to other eCommerce sites if the brand does not have flexible shipping options. For high-quality order fulfilment, multiple shipping options can be useful for a better customer experience.

You can help your customers with the ability to pay more for products and get their products delivered faster. However, managing these multi-shipping options can be a hassle for WooCommerce sites, that’s why you can use our FedEx eCommerce integration. Our FedEx WooCommerce plugin is a high-speed and high-performing plugin offering convenience to both merchants and customers.

The plugin will extract the shipping rates directly from FedEx to your customers. The plugin will offer live shipping rates to customers based on package weight, shipping destination, package dimensions, and more. Our FedEx eCommerce integration solution will help with one of the most amazing and best features of the plugin. As soon as your customer places an order on your WooCommerce site, the plugin will generate a shipping label that can be extracted by simply few clicks. This feature help eCommerce businesses for instant smooth order fulfilment.

Secondly, Our Fedex integration offers you features on the website that will not only help merchants but also offer a high user experience. Thirdly, The plugin will also help you configure how parcels or products should be packed in a box in order to manage a better packaging system.

UPS eCommerce integration

Like FedEx, we at Octolize offer UPS eCommerce integration solutions with tailor-made shipping plugins for WooCommerce sites. Similar to FedEx, UPS plugins can help you show real-time details of various shipping rates to your customers when they place an order. These live rates are accessible to customers at the checkout page and determine the shipping cost based on package weight, dimension, shipping destination, and other requirements. The plugin helps WooCommerce site owners to offer flexible and multi-shipping options to customers. When you configure UPS shipping methods in your eCommerce site, you have the option to choose UPS flat services rates.

Custom cost-effective plugin solutions

Octolize offers custom logistics with cost-effective solutions. Many eCommerce brand owners believe custom solutions are more extensive, but if you consider the benefits in the long run. A good quality plugin for the logistics of eCommerce will help you plan and execute the entire logistics process in a more streamlined and organised way. You can keep a track of how smooth operations are going, and how your customers are engaging with your logistics process. If you often face cart abandonment, poor logistics, or shipping options can be a huge factor, use our
shipping plugins to enhance your shipping options and reduce cart abandonment. Moreover, it will help you reduce the chances of losing a customer or financial loss. Thus, helping you enhance your overall profits.

Get the top-quality plugins at Octolize

At Octolize we offer a wide range of plugins for WooCommerce sites. Our Shipping plugins help you to integrate FedEx, and UPS delivery systems in your store’s checkout page and help your customers with better shipping and logistics. From large to small companies our plugins are suitable for several eCommerce businesses, you can opt for custom solutions to enhance the functionality and improve the productivity of your eCommerce site.

With our cost-effective solutions, you can smoothly manage your logistics for eCommerce and enhance the order fulfilment to improve user experience. The higher your user experience will be, the more customers you can retain. Investing in Octolize shipping integrations will not only help your customersbut also your employees for smooth business operations. You will get the best plugin solutions for your business niche that will help you add more functionality and improve your customer experience. These plugins will contribute to your productivity and help you stay organised. The improved customer experience with our plugins will ultimately help you retain and attract customers.

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