Flexible Shipping Add-ons

Extend the capabilities of the Flexible Shipping plugin with a whole range of useful add-ons. The extensions are fully compatible with both the free and PRO version of the Flexible Shipping plugin.

Box Packing Avatar Icon Flexible Shipping Box Packing

box packing WooCommerce

Use the advanced box packing WooCommerce algorithm to fit the ordered products into your shipping boxes the most optimal way. Configure the shipping cost based on the type and number of the used shipping boxes.

  • Icon Shipping Box
    Custom boxes
    Define from scratch your own boxes you use in your shop for shipping incl. their dimensions, max weight and padding.
  • Icon Box Price
    Box type based shipping
    Configure precisely the shipping cost calculation rules to be based on the type of the used shipping boxes.
  • Icon Grid
    Best-fit packing
    Allow the advanced box packing algorithm to automatically find the most optimal setup of the boxes to ship the products.
box packing WooCommerce

Icon Fs Location New Distance Based Shipping Rates

WooCommerce distance based shipping

Extend the Flexible Shipping functionalities and calculate the shipping cost based on distance or total travel time.

  • Icon Nearest Point
    Distance Based Shipping
    Use the additional Flexible Shipping cost calculation condition and configure the shipping cost to be based on distance.
  • Icon Shipping Time
    Delivery Duration
    Define the cost calculation rules to be based on the duration of the products' delivery between your store and the customer's address.
  • Icon Approve Car
    Travel mode
    Specify the transportation type used to calculate the distance and duration of shipping.
WooCommerce distance based shipping

Delivery Date Picker logo WooCommerce Delivery Date Picker

UPS estimated delivery date

Let your customers choose a convenient delivery date for the ordered products and make the shipping cost dependent on the date they choose.

  • Icon Table Rate Dollar
    Shipping rates by delivery date
    Configure the shipping cost based on delivery date.
  • Icon To Dos List
    Available delivery days
    Select the days of the week which should be available to pick by the customer.
  • Icon Package Add
    Lead & Cutoff Time
    Display the nearest delivery date available based on preparation time.
UPS estimated delivery date

Flexible Shipping Locations Avatar Icon Flexible Shipping Locations

Shipping based on location

Calculate the shipping cost based on location. Define your own custom locations, use the WooCommerce defaults or the ones created by 3rd party plugins.

  • Icon Point On Map
    Location Based Shipping
    The plugin adds new condition to the Flexible Shipping plugin - Location.
  • Icon Directions
    Custom Locations
    Create your own locations and use them to set the shipping cost more precisely.
  • Icon Complex Solution Additional
    Flexible Shipping free and PRO Compatibility
    Combine it with free or PRO version of the Flexible Shipping plugin.
Shipping based on location

Flexible Import Export Avatar Icon Flexible Shipping Import / Export

Import and export shipping methods in WooCommerce

Easily move, replace, update or backup multiple shipping methods in your WooCommerce store.

  • Icon Connect
    Import / Export shipping methods
    Easily Import and export shipping methods using dedicated wizard
  • Icon File Duplicate
    Duplicate and transfer
    Use the exported CSV to transfer multiple shipping methods across the shipping zones or even between the stores.
  • Icon File Download
    Shipping configuration backups
    Use the CSV files to backup complete setup of your current shipping methods.
Import and export shipping methods in WooCommerce

Multi Vendor Flexbile Shipping Avatar Icon Multi Vendor Shipping

WooCommerce shipping classes

Define precisely the shipping cost calculation rules for each Vendor / Product Author in your marketplace or multivendor store.

  • Icon Users
    Vendor-specific shipping
    Set the shipping cost based on Vendor user role.
  • Icon Stores
    Marketplace plugins compatibility
    Use it with the most popular marketplace and multivendor plugins on the market such as Dokan and WC Vendors Marketplace.
  • Icon Server Update
    Flexible Shipping Compatibility
    Combine Vendor-specific shipping calculations with other conditions available in the Flexible Shipping like weight or price.
WooCommerce shipping classes

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