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EnglishSpeakingMum is a Polish dedicated and involved parenting blogger. She promotes the idea of raising bilingual children advocating of „non-native” („intentional”) bilingualism and multilingualism. She’s the author of first available on the market handbooks and teaching aids for parents introducing intentional bilingualism in their homes. She has built a community of language-aware parents and runs online theme groups gathering people interested in the topic of bilingualism, offering every-day practical language help and inspiring children to learn foreign languages from an early age. Her social media profiles are followed by thousands of people every day.


Up to recently EnglishSpeakingMum store has been only selling 100% digital educational aids like e-books, printable handouts and teaching resources, audio tracks and online language courses, which did not require any shipping. The challenge arose when the first physical products were added to the store’s offer – children’s books, startup boxes for parents, flash cards, etc. Many orders placed by customers include both, physical and digital products, and therefore it is important, yet challenging to calculate the shipping cost correctly, especially with different types of products in the basket. Since the idea of the store was to make is as automated and maintenance-free as possible, creating a scheme of a hands-off shipping and making the whole order processing approachable became an important issue.


Building the entire shipping mechanism around the Flexible Shipping PRO plugin turned out to be a tailor-made solution to the aforementioned needs. Flexible Shipping PRO as a Table Rate plugin made it possible to precisely define the rules for calculating the shipping cost for various types of products and their possible combinations, as well as to adjust it to the current needs on the fly. Due to the fact that the main target group of Englishspeakingmum are domestic customers from Poland, a dedicated Flexible Shipping integration with InPost – one of the most popular carrier company was used. It allowed to create shipments and generate shipping labels for both courier and parcel locker services. Flexible Printing plugin added the finishing touch by allowing freshly-generated shipping labels to be immediately printed on the connected printer.


The entire shipping scenario, taking into account combinations of different types of products with their different shipping costs, was precisely covered by Flexible Shipping PRO shipping cost calculation rules. It ensured that the customers willing to purchase different kinds of products avoid a situation, in which no matching shipping methods are displayed and thus the order cannot be placed. The entire order processing has been largely automatized and does not require human intervention. After placing the order, as soon as it has been paid for, the appropriate shipping label is automatically generated and then promptly printed on the connected printer.


I’m highly satisfied with the whole system running smoothly on a daily basis. It is hassle-free and provides me with everything I need to manage orders in my online shop. It also makes the order placing process intuitive and straightforward for my customers. Thanks to these plugins and automatisation they offer, I am able to focus on the core of my business while the technical aspects of running the shop are well taken care of.

Used products

Flexible Shipping Pro Avatar Icon
WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – Flexible Shipping PRO

The best and the most powerful Table Rate shipping plugin for WooCommerce. Define the shipping rules based on numerous conditions and configure even the most complex shipping scenarios with ease.

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Flexible Printing WooCommerce

Automate your shipping process. Print the shipping labels on thermal printers via PrintNode service. Let the labels be printed automatically the same time the order is placed.

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