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Discover our dedicated WooCommerce shipping integrations with the most popular carriers and shipping companies from all over the world. Create the shipments and generate the printable shipping labels or serve your customers the automatically calculated shipping rates. Choose the solution which suits your business best.

DPD UK & DPD Local WooCommerce

Ship your DPD orders faster. Speed up the whole process – gather shipping details, download printable shipping labels and track parcels – everything is automated.

  • Shipping labels
    Generate and download print-ready shipping labels directly from WooCommerce orders list or order details page. Thermal printers supported.
  • Parcel tracking
    Keep an eye on your shipments directly from WooCommerce orders list and send your customers the tracking links once the parcel is shipped.
  • Domestic & international DPD services
    Choose from a wide range of the most popular DPD services and ship your products worldwide with the ones fitting your business.

UPS WooCommerce Labels and Tracking

Create the shipments, generate the printable UPS shipping labels for the placed orders and track the parcels directly from your WooCommerce shop.

  • Creating shipments
    Easily add single and multiple UPS shipments to all the orders that were placed in your shop including the archival ones.
  • Printable labels
    Get the shipping details from the placed orders, generate and download the print-ready shipping labels via established UPS API connection.
  • Tracking links
    Send the confirmation emails containing the parcel tracking links to your customers once their ordered products are shipped.

FedEx WooCommerce Live Rates PRO

Enable the FedEx live rates for international delivery and integrate it with your shop in less than 5 minutes. Save your time and money – let the shipping cost be calculated autonomously.

  • Advanced rates adjustments
    Use the dedicated options to charge your customers with additional handling fees, apply the discounts and adjust the FedEx rates to your needs with ease.
  • Estimated delivery date
    Show your customers the estimated delivery date in the cart and checkout to let them know when to expect the ordered products to be delivered.
  • Automatic box packing algorithm
    Choose the FedEx standard packagings or define your own custom boxes and let the plugin optimize their setup to offer the lowest shipping cost.

USPS WooCommerce Live Rates PRO

Free WooCommerce USPS shipping plugin

Serve your customers the automatically and real-time calculated USPS shipping rates. Add the handling fees, insurance and adjust them to your needs with just a few clicks.

  • Numerous USPS services
    Select from the wide variety of domestic and international USPS services the ones you want to be available to pick by your customers.
  • Commercial Pricing
    Use the Commercial Pricing instead of standard USPS rates, if eligible, and offer your customers the discounted ones as a result.
  • Various box packing methods
    Decide how the ordered products should be packed - all together into one box, each product separately or fit into your own custom boxes.
Free WooCommerce USPS shipping plugin

DHL Express WooCommerce Live Rates PRO

Let the DHL Express calculate the shipping cost live for the products the customers order in your store. Choose from the abundance of settings and tweak the rates to fit your business.

  • Instant configuration
    Enter your DHL Express user account credentials, choose the services you want your customers to pick from and make it work in no time.
  • Duties & Taxes
    Determine the circumstances when the duties and taxes should be applied for international shipping and the shipment considered as dutiable.
  • Fallback & Debug Mode
    Set the Fallback option to avoid cart abandonment and use the dedicated debug mode for better understanding and troubleshooting.

UPS WooCommerce Live Rates and Access Points PRO

Provide your customers with the automatically calculated shipping rates for numerous UPS services and let them choose their preferred Access Points.

  • Automatic cost calculation
    Forget about troublesome shipping cost configuration. Turn the plugin on, enter your UPS account details and let the live rates be fetched automatically.
  • Access Points
    Give your customers the possibility to choose the convenient pickup point with extended opening hours where they want their order to be delivered to.
  • Self-driven UPS services' availability check
    Don't bother anymore with UPS services availability. Let the available services be verified and displayed automatically based on the entered shipping address.

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