Since the very beginning at Octolize we strive to provide the best solutions that not only are user-friendly but also include all the features our plugins’ users actually need. In order to continuously develop and consistently improve our solutions we need your help. By allowing to collect the information on usage of our plugins you make your contribution and have a real influence on their further development. Below you can find some more details on the way how and what kind of data is collected.

Important information

Please rest assured that we do not collect or save any sensitive information such as personal, financial or business data of the store nor its customers.

How do we collect the data?

Plugins’ usage data is automatically sent to our servers after granting us your permission during the plugin activation process. Once it is done, all the data will be collected anonymously once a week.

What kind of data we collect?

Global Store Data:

  • global data collected by WooCommerce itself (
  • shipping country from orders
  • number of shipping classes
  • number of product variations

Plugins Data:

  • number of created shipping methods
  • number of rules created per each shipping method and their individual settings (e.g. ‘When’ conditions)
  • shipping methods’ settings (e.g. ‘Maximum cost’, ‘Free shipping’, etc.)
  • total amount of generated parcels using specific carrier service
  • total amount of generated parcels based on their status
  • average amount of generated parcels per month

How to opt-out?

If you want to revoke your consent for plugin usage tracking you can do it at any time directly from the WordPress’ installed plugins list by hitting the Opt-out quick link below the plugin’s name. You can also grant it back if your change your mind the same way using the Opt-in quick link.

Admin email

WordPress admin email address is only used for data identification purposes – it will not be used for marketing purposes, passed to third parties or processed in any other way.