Take shipping in your WooCommerce store to the next level

Upgrade from the free version to the UPS Live Rates PRO and customize the rates presented to suit your requirements. Display estimated delivery date, automatic box packing, or add commission to UPS rates. Discover all the benefits of the available versions and decide if you need UPS Live Rates PRO to fulfil your shipping scenario.

Display estimated delivery time

Visible estimated delivery time is a great User Experience addition to every WooCommerce based store. With UPS WooCommerce Live Rates PRO, you can show clients estimated delivery time based on information from UPS API.

Additional features:

  • Lead time
  • Cutoff Time
  • Maximum Time in Transit

Automatic box packing

Automate packing process and estimate an accurate shipping cost for more than one package. Use the UPS Live Rates PRO to Select the package type the ordered products will be matched to. You can choose as many different packaging as you need.

Additional features:

  • Create custom boxes
  • Use UPS default boxes
  • Enable and set fallback

Add commission

With UPS Live Rates PRO plugin, adding commission and discount to shipping prices is really easy. Make money from shipping, or offer better rates to your customers.

Use handling fees to:

  • Add commission as a Fixed value
  • Offer discount as a Fixed value
  • Add commission as a percentage of the shipping price
  • Offer discount as a percentage of the shipping price

UPS Live Rates - Free vs PRO – Features comparison

What exactly is the difference between the free version of UPS Live Rates and UPS Live Rates PRO? Check the detailed features comparison

Most popular
UPS Live Rates
UPS Live Rates PRO
Complete UPS Integration Bundle
Free shipping threshold
Custom UPS Services
Pickup types selection
Multi-currency support
Handling fees
UPS Access Points selection
Nearest UPS Access Point
UPS Access Points selection and search
Flat rate for UPS Access Points
Box packing
Custom boxes with box weight and padding
Premium 1-on-1 support
Creating UPS Shipments
Shipping Labels
Parcel tracking

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