Premium Support

We have a brilliant support team that will help you with all the technical issues of our plugins. They can also help you configure plugins or answer any plugin related question. 

We aim to respond quickly to your comments and even add individual features to our plugins. Support is constantly working with our developers so that your comments can be quickly fed back to the plugin creators and influence their development. 

Fixed Prices

We’re constantly evolving our plugins, adding new features and making sure they’re easy to configure. This can result in price increases for specific plugins. By continuing your subscription, you are guaranteed that your price will remain the same. 

We have quite a few loyal customers who are still paying smaller amounts for subscriptions they have started a few years ago. We strive to appreciate our loyal customers in this way. They are the reason we have grown and where we are today. 


We update our plugins regularly. Updates are not only about new features, but most importantly about providing security for our customers.

One of our core values is a guarantee that our plugins will always work correctly with the new WooCommerce, and WordPress versions. We constantly check them for this, adapting them to the constantly changing requirements.

New Features

We are constantly adding new functionalities to our plugins. There are also times when we make major changes to the appearance of the plugins. After feedback from our customers, we’re convinced that we’re going in the right direction. Making further adjustments and adding new features gives a lot of value, and that’s the path we want to take. 

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