Take shipping in your WooCommerce store to the next level

Upgrade from the free version to the Flexible Shipping PRO and create even the most complex shipping scenarios with ease. Discover all the benefits of the available versions and decide if you need Flexible Shipping PRO to fulfil your shipping scenario.

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Shipping Cost Calculation Rules (5)

Advanced Conditional Shipping

Don’t limit yourself to basic conditions, but choose from a vast array of advanced calculation methods to determine your store’s shipping cost as precisely as possible. The more accurate the cost, the less chance you’ll have to overpay for shipping. 

Set shipping cost based on:

  • Product Size
  • Products
  • User Roles
  • Destination & Time

Hide shipping methods

Manage the available shipping methods in your WooCommerce store. Use the Flexible Shipping PRO to conditionally hide shipping methods in based on any condition available in the plugin.

Hide shipping methods for:

  • Oversized Orders
  • Overweight Orders
  • Certain Products & Products Categories
  • Ordering Time
Hide Shipping Methods
Set Additional Shipping Cost

Set additional cost

Increase the possibility of calculating the cost of shipping by setting an additional cost based on one of the available conditions. The charge will be automatically added each time the specified condition is met.

Use additional cost to configure:

  • Progressively Increasing Weight Based Shipping
  • Shipping Cost as a Percentage of Order’s Value
  • Additional Charge per Each Item

WooCommerce Flexible Shipping
– Free vs PRO – Features comparison

What exactly is the difference between the free version of Flexible Shipping and Flexible Shipping PRO? Check the detailed features comparison.

Most popular
Flexible Shipping
Flexible Shipping PRO
Flexible Shipping Bundle
Free Shipping
Free shipping threshold
Amount left to free shipping notice
Free shipping coupons support
Shipping cost based on cart
Shipping cost based on price
Shipping cost based on item
Shipping cost based on cart line item
Shipping cost based on Weight & Dimensions
Shipping cost based on weight
Shipping cost based on volume
Shipping cost based on dimensional weight
Shipping cost based on max dimension
Shipping cost based on total overall dimensions
Shipping cost based on product's length
Shipping cost based on product's width
Shipping cost based on product's height
Shipping cost based on products
Shipping classes support
Shipping cost based on specific products
Shipping cost based on product tags
Shipping cost based on product categories
Shipping cost based on product author (Vendor)
Shipping cost based on user
Shipping cost based on destination & time
Shipping cost based on time of the day
Shipping cost based on time of the day
Shipping cost based on time of the day
Shipping cost based on delivery date
Shipping cost based on location
Shipping cost based on distance and delivery time
Debug mode for troubleshooting
Hiding the shipping methods
Additional fixed or percentage cost
Conditional Logic
Calculation method
Lowest cost
Highest cost
Premium 1-on-1 support
Import & Export shipping methods

What our customers say

Every day, our solutions empower over 250,000 WooCommerce stores to grow and manage their shipping with ease. Knowing WooCommerce shipping inside out, we put all our expertise and experience into the plugins we deliver. But don't just take our word for it – hear what our customers have to say about the solutions we provide:

Awesome plugin for managing shipment options

I’ve been using this plugin for a few weeks now, and I absolutely enjoy it! I found it as part of my search for something that will enable me to manage the delivery and shipment options beyond the standard ones. Flexible Shipping has reached this goal and far beyond that! It solves so many little problems and limitations that the default system has, and is very simple to manage.

Easiest shipping plugin available

I was looking for automatic integration plugins to set up, which took me weeks but no luck. I gave up this idea and decide to go with the simplest solution. A table of shipping prices based on location and weight. Flexible Shipping made it so simple that I had it all ready in less than 1 day. Really recommend if you want to start selling instead of fighting to find the best automated solution per carrier.

Excellent addition for my webshop

My site has a lot of weight-based items and this plugin lets me set excellent rules so that the customer pays the right fee for his package! works nice and simple! Great work!

Excellent Plugin & Top Notch Tech Support!

From Pre-Sales to Set-up the information provided was clear. The “Happiness Engineer” who guided me was extremely helpful and patient with the set-up process and my questions. I am so grateful to have the capabilities to adjust shipping and reduce loss of revenue for my clients!

Excellent Plugin and Very Helpful

Excellent Plugin, 100% satisfied your requirement, a complete flexible option of shippings and worth having it in your WooCommerce store!! Highly Recommended.
Umang Salot

Fantastic Shipping Plugin with Great Support

This shipping plugin allows very complex rules for shipping. Worked perfectly for my case. The plugin is free and the support is amazing. The compatibility with other leading WooCommerce plugins is also fantastic. Highly recommend.

Ready to take your WooCommerce shipping to the next level?

Enhance your online store’s shipping experience with Flexible Shipping Pro. Pay only €89.00 for 1-site subscription and enjoy streamlined shipping management!

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FAQ & Plugin Details

Have a look at the plugin in a nutshell and find the answers to the most popular presale questions.

All the plugins we offer can be purchased in a yearly subscription model and are paid annually. An active subscription entitles you to 1 year of updates and our support.

Renewing the subscription after 12 months is optional, not required, and you can cancel it at any time. The renewal cost is the same as the initial price. You may renew the subscription if you like or not if don’t need to.

Please mind that an active subscription grants you the possibility to download the plugins’ newer versions and updates, get our tech support if you encounter any problems and move and activate the API keys between the sites / domains.

If you decide to cancel the subscription or if it expires, you can keep using our plugins. They will work the same as before but you won’t be able to do the updates, get our support and transfer the plugin files between sites and activate them in the new environment.

The only exception to the above is the Pickup Points PRO WooCommerce plugin, which requires an active subscription for proper functioning due to the requirement to maintain a constant connection with the map service API. In such circumstances, an inactive or expired plugin subscription will result in not displaying the pickup point selection widget at the shop’s checkout.

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