Flexible Shipping – from now on an independent brand separated from WP Desk

Flexible Shipping As An Independent Brand Separated From WP Desk
Author Piotr Jabłonowski
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We are very happy to announce that Flexible Shipping has become an independent brand and a company separated from WP Desk. In this post, I will share a bit of the background to this decision and lay out our plans for upcoming shipping solutions development. Read on!

The first version of the Flexible Shipping (table rate) plugin was released on November 3, 2015 and has been developed by the same, yet dynamically growing team of enthusiasts since then. Today it is not only a simple table rate plugin for WooCommerce, but a whole ecosystem of shipping solutions.

With our plugins being used by over 100,000 stores, we remain an unattainable leader in shipping calculation solutions for WooCommerce. Optimizing the shipping and its costs has become our primary goal. This is why we decided to separate Flexible Shipping from WP Desk and allow it to become an independent brand and company. We believe that with more autonomy and focus only on the shipping, our team will be able to provide even better solutions. When looking ahead, we see much more than just a simple WooCommerce plugin.

Our mission is to provide our customers with exactly the shipping methods they need.

Changes for current customers

For existing customers, nothing will change except the invoice details. The same fantastic people are still behind the development. All licenses and their renewals will continue to work the same way. If you have purchased a subscription from WP Desk LTD, its renewal will be now simply handled by Flexible Shipping LTD.

The current subscriptions’ operator has been changed from WP Desk LTD to Flexible Shipping LTD.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to dispel all your doubts.

Plans for the future

We are focused on listening to our solutions’ users. We want to initiate an ecosystem of shipping solutions and become #1 in providing the best-suited shipping methods for WooCommerce based stores.

Creating intuitive plugins for specific needs that work together and complement each other is our overriding idea. In the near future, we will be making changes to our price list to make it more approachable to all groups of customers resulting in better plugins availability.

In the upcoming months, we will continue to broaden the array of the shipping cost conditional calculation to let our plugins cope with the most advanced shipping scenarios. We also plan to develop a functional compromise between the shipping methods coming from table rate and live rate plugins.

If you would like to submit an idea on how our plugins can be improved or if you encountered a problem our plugins do not handle yet, write to us!

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2 years ago

Great News

Tomek Graczyk
Tomek Graczyk
Reply to  Palak
2 years ago

Thanks! We also have more up-to-date news about our brand: https://octolize.com/blog/octolize-rebranding-announcement/