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cart abandonment rate and shipping

Shipping is a huge and important factor when it comes to increase of sales. How to reduce cart abandonment with better shipping options?

3 minutes read

Learn how to set WooCommerce Shipping Based on Time of the order using Flexible Shipping PRO solution with usage examples.

5 minutes read
flexible shipping changes into octolize

We are every glad to tell you that Flexible Shipping has grown into Octolize. We are every glad to tell you that Flexible Shipping has grown into Octolize. Discover our refreshed brand learn more about our solutions.

2 minutes read

Since 1990, Vitrek has provided innovative global solutions for High Voltage Test and Measurement. Vitrek supplies Precision High Voltage Measurement Standards to national laboratories and calibration labs around the world and their Graphical Power Analyzers set the standard for world class performance at a very economical price. This unique combination of capabilities positions Vitrek as a […]

2 minutes read

EnglishSpeakingMum is a Polish dedicated and involved parenting blogger. She promotes the idea of raising bilingual children advocating of „non-native” („intentional”) bilingualism and multilingualism. She’s the author of first available on the market handbooks and teaching aids for parents introducing intentional bilingualism in their homes. She has built a community of language-aware parents and runs […]

2 minutes read
How to duplicate shipping methods in WooCommerce

Learn how to duplicate duplicate/clone shipping methods in WooCommerce and move them between shipping zones.

4 minutes read
WooCommerce Shipping Calculator

Learn anything you need to know about WooCommerce shipping calculator and how to implement it in your WooCommerce store.

6 minutes read
How to Split cart items based on shipping class

Learn how to split cart items based on Shipping Class in your WooCommerce store using Shipping Packages WooCommerce.

3 minutes read

Learn how to hide WooCommerce shipping methods based on certain conditions in your WooCommerce store with working examples.

7 minutes read
WooCommerce Shipping Based on Product Category

Learn how to set WooCommerce shipping based on product category from this ultimate guide.

5 minutes read

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