Octolize Pick-up Points PRO – Pick-up points configuration

During the app installation the Octolize Pick-up Points PRO rates will be automatically added for the currently existing Shipping zones in their respective Carrier and app rates tab in the Shopify settings at Settings → Shipping and delivery → Shipping zones

If, for some reason, the aforementioned Octolize Pick-up Points PRO rates have not been added there by default, please use the Add rate button to do it manually.

Once the app installation process is complete, you should be automatically redirected to its General Settings screen divided into two sections:

Octolize Pick-up Points PRO settings #

General #

Enable displaying the pick-up points in your store – tick this checkbox to activate the Octolize Pick-up Points PRO app functionalities or untick it to deactivate them globally. 

Number of pick-up points to be displayed – decide how many suggested pick-up points should be displayed to your customers to choose from at the checkout.

Display at least 1 pick-up point of each of the enabled carriers tick this option to ensure that at least 1 available pick-up point of each carrier enabled in the Carrier settings section below is displayed for your customers to choose from.

Please mind that leaving this checkbox unticked will result in customers being suggested the defined number of pick-up points nearest to the ‘Ship to’ address they entered, regardless of which carrier.

Carrier #

Tick the relevant checkboxes to select the available carriers whose pick-up points you want to offer your customers to choose from at the checkout.

Once the selected carrier’s checkbox is ticked here, the Display [Carrier name] pick-up points when shipping to the following available countries option should appear below:

Start typing in the field visible in the screenshot above to search the countries you want the shipping to pick-up points to be available for, or select them directly from the drop-down list.

As soon as the country or countries have been selected, the individual shipping settings for the pick-up points of a specific carrier in that country or countries will be displayed below:

From: / To: – define the minimum and maximum weight of products in the customer’s shopping cart, for which shipping to the pick-up points of this particular carrier should be available.

Set the shipping cost to: – enter the shipping cost the customers should be charged with when they choose this shipping method.

Grant free shipping for orders above: – set the free shipping threshold and enter the order price value which, once reached, will result in granting your customers the free shipping.

Please mind that some carriers may also have additional options allowing to select the type of pick-up point available for customers to choose from:

Complete the configuration and confirm all the changes you’ve made here either by hitting the Save changes button at the bottom of the screen or use the Shopify contextual save bar at the top.

If you want to offer your customers pick-up points of more than one carrier or you have selected multiple countries for a carrier you’ve just configured, please simply repeat for them all the configuration steps described above the same way.

If, in turn, you want to stop shipping to the already configured pick-up points of a particular carrier in a specific country, use the Remove link to the right of its name.

Once the multiple carriers have been selected and their pick-up points properly configured, they should be displayed to your customers at the checkout after entering the Ship to details the way below:

Saving the information about the customer’s selected pick-up point to the order details #

When the customer places an order and selects the pick-up point as preferred shipping method, the information about their choice will be saved to the order details:

Passing the selected pick-up point to the 3rd party integrations #

The Octolize Pick-up Points PRO app allows you not only to save the information about the pick-up point the customer selected to the order details, but also to pass it further to the external shipping integrations, such as BaseLinker, etc.

If you use such 3rd party integrations in your store, the information about the selected pick-up point along with its ID and other details can be passed from the order details to the target integration.

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