Octolize Pick-up Points PRO – FAQ and troubleshooting

How does the Octolize Pick-up Points PRO app work?

Once the customer enters the Ship to details at the checkout, the Octolize Pick-up Points PRO app finds the nearest available pick-up points within a 25 km radius from the entered shipping address. Then, according to the configured app settings, the pick-up points of the selected carrier are displayed in the Shopify store’s Shipping method checkout section:

The number of pick-up points displayed at the checkout is determined by the Number of pick-up points to be displayed option in the app General settings:

What if the app cannot find the pick-up point for the shipping address the customer entered?

The app won’t show the pick-up points at the checkout. Only the other shipping methods configured in the Shopify shipping settings will be displayed in such case. This is why it’s highly advised to provide your customers with possibility to choose the pick-up points of two different carriers, in order to prevent such situations from happening.

What if one location serves as a pick-up point for multiple carriers, e.g., for DPD and DHL?

They will be displayed as two separate shipping methods in order to give your customers a choice on which carrier should handle the delivery to this pick-up point.

What if my app settings are configured properly, but the pick-up points still don’t show up at the checkout?

Please make sure that Octolize Pick-up Points PRO app has been automatically added to the right shipping zone in the Shopify Shipping and delivery settings.

Navigate to: Settings → Shipping and delivery → Manage and check if there are the “Octolize Pick-up Points PRO” rates added in the Carrier and app rates tab for the country you want the pick-up points to be offered within. If they are not, add them using the Add rate button, choose the Use carrier or app to calculate rates option and select the “Octolize Pick-up Points PRO” app. Confirm the changes made here with the Done button. Move on next to the store’s checkout, update the entered shipping address and verify if the pick-up points are displayed properly now. If there is still something wrong, please contact us via the contact form on the Support page.

Can I set a different shipping cost depending on which carrier’s pick-up points I ship to?

Sure thing, you can easily configure the cost of shipping to specific carrier’s pick-up points within each shipping zone in the app settings Carrier section. What’s more, you can even vary the shipping cost depending on the different products’ weight ranges:

Can I show my customers the pick-up points they can choose on the map?

Unfortunately, not yet, however, it is something we are currently working on and we plan to add such functionality in the near future.

I have an idea on how to improve the Octolize Pick-up Points PRO app

That’s great! We really appreciate every improvement suggestion, especially when it comes from the app users and we’d love to hear your feeadback. Please drop us a line using the contact form on the Support page.

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